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Monday, November 20, 2017

Living In Moments

Writing about the Dead is more about living than dying. To remember those you’ve lost is a nice memory but you must remember to focus on the living and connect with others. That’s part of living... connecting. Moments aren’t always enough to bind or bond people. Getting to know someone is what keeps them in your mind, heart & memories. Focus on the present. Love yourself. 

Here’s an old one, from another of my favorite series’ The D Men, that’s about the living & considering change for the better if you get the chance. Enjoy whether you have or haven’t read it before.

Do you focus on the living or the dying?
Kisses, m.

The Dead

“Baby, I love you come back to bed.” She says.
The soft voice whispers and speaks the truth.
And it’s the last truth that echoes before he’s awake.

The same conundrum wakes Classer Andresen from a dead sleep. Night after night, different places, different women and the same thing happens for Classer Andresen. The whisper precedes a memory. Not the last moment, but one all entirely different.

A random instance where she was there in his arms. In the dark of the Study standing next to the window and he was wrapped around her. His mind is surrounded by the smell of the room intensified by the sensation of his touch he lets his mind wander with the thought. Imagining the smell of the dusty room filled with old books could still make him jump hard with a hunger for her.

Stiff, hungry and hung over when he jars himself free from the waking dream, Classer can’t quite shake the sensation of the moment. Looking over, he visually makes out a long pair of legs attached to a thin brunette.  The small dimple of her back feels just like the one in his memory. But it’s not. As he moves his eyes up from bottom to top he can see the signs of his night. Two wrappers trail the edge of the sheets before giving way to a third. At least his efforts were protected even if he can’t seem to remember them. The perfection of the thin body next to him lifts and lowers with small shallow breathes. With the dark hair covering her face she might be the mirror image of Inara. Soft corners of her lips peeking out from the curly mess of long brown locks could fool him the same way the others fooled him every night.

This one, her name was Rachel. She told him that was her name, but it might be something else. He distinctly remembers a Heather or a Michelle. These women seem to be all the same when there’s one after another night after night. And the one thing they seem to have in common is that they can never be her.

The women like the memories couldn’t bring Inara back into his life. She was still gone, a dead memory because he was foolish enough to let her go. Foolish enough to send her away. And much like a dead woman, thinking about her that wouldn’t change a thing or bring her back to  him. Yet his mind wanders from the simplest stimulation. Looking at the book on the nightstand is intoxicating to his mind and sends his thoughts back into the past looking for her.

The air around them was stagnating in the dark Study. Dusty from the smell of old volumes of truth. Although her lips kept begging him back to bed, her hands were making different plans altogether. Down around his back she cups his ass and pulls him close. Without a thought he reaches beneath her robe and lets his hand move up and inside her thighs. Soft, warm and welcoming she kisses him when touches her.

Snapping back to present he’s ready for more. But to wake the creature next to him would only shake the moment from before. So he quietly runs his fingers across the skin of her thighs before getting up from the bed. It’s all he can do to avoid waking his anonymous companion as he gently shuts the bathroom door. Awake means questions and questions require answers. Answers are something that Classer really doesn’t want to supply at 3am for a woman he’s known less than six hours.

In the bathroom there’s wrappers four and five making an appearance. At least there is comfort in knowing that he safely could handle his alcohol and anonymous bedfellows. But this night wasn’t like any other and Classer knew it.

Tonight much like the dead didn't like to rest, the memories kept coming back to him haunt. The cool drip of the faucet sets his mind wandering backwards toward the same sound of water gently tapping at the window in the moment that cannot become again.

Kicking the back of his legs she let his movements climb and rise. The sound of her breath and moans greet the pulse of his hips and the touch of his hands. Slowly the sounds between them come to an end. Inara kisses the soft part of his bottom lip before taking in the whole of his mouth.

It’s there the memory always fades.

Still staring at the floor and standing next to the sink Classer can’t gather himself quickly enough. His face in the mirror seems the same and very different. There are a thousand reasons to go out there and pick up where he left off with the thin brunette named Rachel or Heather or Michelle and only one to pick up and leave…

She wasn’t her.

And none of them ever would be. None of the living could replace the dead memory of her. And none of these women could ever replace her ghost that haunted his memory. Sometimes she was there in a sound or a breath, but her pure essence could never be captured in a night of mindless pleasure. But for a moment or two he could bring back the ghost of her with a thought. And although it was the purest form of intoxication for his mind, Classer knew he couldn’t live in those memories. That’s all they were.

Baby, come to bed,” She calls.
In a small voice he can hear the woman call to him.
And it’s the only truth that he can face when he looks in the mirror before turning out the light and going back into the room.

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Wake up


There's nothing like waking up in your life to find that you absolutely love where you are, whether you're in love or not. Love affairs are grand things and something to be embraced, I suppose even without knowing they'll last or not. Everything has a lesson for growth in life even tragedies. Here's an old one about giving into a love affair even if it's not what you had in mind.

Do you wake up with gratitude and love your life everyday? 

Kisses, m.

June 14, 2011

As I can recall it’s a lot more attention than I want to draw…” he says it with a smile that lets me know that he’s in.
But of course he’s in. He’s always in.

The lobby of the hotel where we meet is always packed by the rush hour hustle of people escaping back into their lives while we’re escaping into each other’s arms. Every time we meet again it’s another excuse when it shouldn’t be.

Tumbling away from his arms I throw myself face first into the sheets to muffle my screams of pure sheer ecstasy.

Like clockwork and the steady hands of a timepiece we’ve finished making love on the floor next to the bedroom for the third time when it happens, the same as it always happens.

“No more. We shouldn’t...” I tell him.

He moves his hands a little further down past my waist and leaves them on the back of my thigh. “You always do this. You want to do this. Shhh.”

“It’s always what we want. Don’t you think we’re being selfish?” I posture my question and place three small kisses on his chest.

“Selfish. What could be selfish about love?” He turns the question back at me while playing with the soft flesh on the back of my knee.

As we embrace there’s a man with a woman possibly his wife watching us in silence. Between our breathing sounds I can see them stare from the corner of my eye while he leans in to kiss my neck. Attention, it’s always more than we need but there’s no denying the need for us. The couple moves on while we lose ourselves in another kiss.

Love? I guess… it’s not what I’m saying. Don’t you think it’s unfair how we do this? We have to run away together, this way. The escape from our…”

“Lives? How else would we? Can you imagine if we didn’t escape?”

“The thought of having to make this work between our lives seems impossible… Yet we do.” My words are softer as I look into his eyes.

“We make this work?” The beat of his heart makes mine stop as he leans to kiss me.

Outside I let him hold me closer than before when he asks, “Are you sure?”
“Absolutely. No more excuses.”
“As I can recall it’s a lot more attention than I want to draw…”

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Marilyn Monroe's Dreamhouse

There's absolutely nothing but wonderful things that Barbie can say about Marilyn Monroe. She was sassy, sophisticated and her style was impeccable with everything she did including her dreamhouse. 

Marilyn Monroe's Dreamhouse


The historic four-bedroom, three-bath property that was screen legend Marilyn Monroe’s final home just hit the market for $6.9 million. The home, currently for sale, is an almost-untouched example of Hollywood’s golden age.


Built in 1929, the Spanish-style hacienda is tucked behind tall gates at the end of a cul-de-sac in one of the most highly coveted neighborhoods of Brentwood. Located on a half-acre lot, the peaceful and private estate, which measures 2,624 square feet, boasts beamed ceilings, terra-cotta tile floors, and casement windows. Outside, a spacious, grassy yard is complemented by a citrus grove and swimming pool, as well as a patio area ideal for entertaining.


Marilyn bought the home four months before she died here in 1962, and speculation about the property has continued ever since. For example, during a renovation in the 1970s, a highly sophisticated eavesdropping system was reportedly discovered inside the walls of the estate. And here’s another fun fact: Marilyn reportedly purchased the home for just $90,000 back in 1962. If only prices were like that now!

-via Trulia 








Would you love to live like a Starlet? 

Barbie would!
Kisses, m.

Wednesday, August 20, 2014


Do not dwell in the past, do not dream of the future, concentrate the mind on the present moment.

~ Buddha

Some women are comfortable simply as themselves others need to emulate women like Marilyn Monroe. The best way to bare it all is to be yourself dolls... And not be or emulate anyone else.

Love yourself more!

"Wanting to be someone else is a waste of the person you are"

~Marilyn Monroe

Monday, August 18, 2014

The Most Fun

© Milton H. Greene

You know I read that Marilyn Monroe had the most fun with one of her photographers, Milton H. Greene. Although she had been photographed by other professional and talented men, Milton could capture her exactly how she was beautifully because he cared for her and  honestly she counted upon him as one of her closest confidantes and friends. She had grown so comfortable with him shooting and working with her that nudity and controversial subject matter became everyday ordinary between them. It was a unique professional and personal relationship because the two depended upon each other and their life wouldn't be the same without each other. They had a deep bond that no one could replace, only each other. Marilyn trusted Milton. His wife summed their relationship up beautifully in a single quote...

I was never jealous of Marilyn. Arthur [Miller] was always jealous of Milton, which was interesting in a way. Arthur had another life. Why should he be jealous? I didn't need Marilyn, but she sure as hell needed Milton, and he needed her, because both of them were never the same after that. These two people should have been together through thick and thin. Nothing... nothing should have put them apart. I was smart enough to realize that, it would have been a whole other life for both of them."
- Amy Greene

I think the most influential and supportive people in your life motivate you because they see you the way you are... not how they want you to be. And they simply support you as you are. 

All artists have a special relationship with their muses. Some do date or marry them and it works. Others do not but simply remain close collaborators and it works. Depends on the artist I suppose. I think all collaborators/muses become significant in each other's lives, if not romantically they are always one of your biggest supporters as a friend. Hmm?  Lovers, posers and users come and go but really amazing people are always in your life to support & encourage you. Thick and thin... 

My favorite people motivate and support each other and there's no room for interference or intercepting because of jealousy or pettiness no matter how long or short it's been between seeing each other. They know how hard and busy life is and realize how good it is to see each other succeeding or just see each other in general. And are happy for the small moments of hello's and etc. You try to keep those kinds of people around in life because they are worth it. 

Some people and friends may not see things this way and my suggestion is this: give your loved one time. A person can't stay mad at someone for loving them unless they are really unhappy with themselves. All you can do is hope that they come around. Sadly you can't chase people down and make them feel differently. It may be hard to keep going with or without them around but don't try. You know & they know how you feel about things. But you can't change how each other feels. You just have to accept missing them. :/

Here's a story from one of my ebooks about motivating someone to grow and expand themselves. It is another that is a second version and it's amazing that the second versions are sometimes the best versions. Being the best version of yourself to anyone means the world and lets others trust you.

Are you a person that hinders others or do you motivate everyone and support them? Is there anyone you have fun working with?

Kisses, m. 

Letting Go
(Revision: October 2012)

Time heals all wounds. Or does it? Quite simply you have to question that logic. In time broken bones can mend. But what about broken hearts, dreams and bruised egos? There are things in life that we are trained to accept and move forward from. Loss of life, love, limb, and livelihood are all things that require a bit of recovery and never hold the same meaning once they are lost. Yet, you move on. This brings me to where I'm at tonight, standing on the top floor of this parking garage with Victoria dangling over the edge waiting to fall. Here we're having a heart to heart; trying to make her see things as I do.

Sometimes you have to move on and let go.

“Things have become so distant in this life and it's time for a change. On some human level you must feel it too? We wouldn't be here if you didn't. I can see in your eyes there's fear. I'm afraid too. Life is an experience full of opportunities. As I hold your hand tightly in mine, it seems as though I shouldn't let go. But there comes a time to let go. In order to find freedom from the constraints of humanity, you must stop fighting.”

“Don't. “She trembles and grips tighter to my hand as she begins to whimper. Shifting her weight and I'm immediately finding it harder to maintain my own balance as she hangs off the edge. Beneath us the cold air whistles and the empty streets echo our sounds.

“Darling, you must believe this when I tell you that there is nothing left of this life and who you were. Letting go is the ultimate release and only way for this...”

“I don't... JUST HOLD ON TO ME!” Victoria's shrill cry pierces the silence as she latches onto my grip tighter and begins to sob.

“Please, shh. Listen.” Tears stream down her cheeks as the sobbing grows louder. “Victoria, I need you to remain calm. It is important that you accept this. We can not linger here all night. This must be over. See this my way. I know in your heart you can. Please.”

“D-D-D-ON'T!” She stutters and begs me through her choked back tears. “Not yet. I'm not ready. I'm scared. How do I know this is the right choice? “ Her hands grip me tighter.

One might question how I find myself in this predicament. How does a person spend day in and day out convincing complete strangers to let go of life's most crucial heartbreaks, disappointment if you will and accept change. Just a simple twist of fate you could say. At one point I'd found myself on the other end of the dial, asking a stranger to solve my life's tough choice cause I couldn't do it alone. What that person gave me, the advice, well it saved my life.

Sink or Swim? Fight or Flight?

It was at that point I realized helping others who weren't able to push themselves was rewarding. Those who couldn't choose needed me. What's the harm in a little motivation? It was enough of motivation for me to take that first step myself. And I've never looked back.

Taking a hold of Victoria's arm I return her grasp whole-heartedly. “Have you let this fear affect you? We've been through this, and it's best if you embrace the situation. Give in to your true nature. Without that dedication how can you possibly hope to let go. This is your peace of mind. Face it with the strength and poise that is within you. Do not beg for life as you know it. Accept what is to come. Be Strong.”

She weakens her grip and I pull her up into an embrace.

“Are you ready?” I whisper into her ear.
“Almost,” She releases a few more tears.
“You don't have to do this.” I tell her. “If you're not ready you don't...”
“I want to. Just keep holding my hand until I'm ready.” She whispers.
My arms slowly release her body and I remain gripped in a hand lock as I lower her back down to the edge. Our eyes meet and the tears have faded. I know she's prepared herself.
“It's time?” I question and she nods. “Victoria, promise me, you will be brave about this. I know you have the courage within you. Have dignity.Don't scream.”

Her eyes indicate certainty and I know there's no going back.
“I'm ready now. Let go.”

The iron clad grip of her hand releases. There's no fear in those blue eyes. No sounds escape that determined mouth. Quietly her body descends in a graceful free fall into the dark night. Before reaching the street below Victoria whimpers loudly and arches her back spreading her wings to fly. Instincts kick in and her small form lifts with flight. With her purple and blue plumes reflecting the most brilliant colors she enters the night sky with a peaceful end to her past and a new beginning. It's probably the most beautiful thing to see a newborn embrace their true nature and let go.

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Inspiration: Style Icon Marilyn Monroe - Be Wonderful!

"I just want to be wonderful." - Marilyn Monroe.
 photo MarilynMonroe-1_zps4e6e617b.jpg

Marilyn Monroe was a wonderful actress. She was an amazing talented woman. I admire her talent and enjoy a couple of her movies. But I would never want to be her. Why? As wonderful as she is? I'd rather be myself. Wouldn't you rather be yourself?

So you want to be wonderful? What if I told you that you already are? Would you believe me? Everyone can be wonderful. No one needs anyone's approval when they are living life on their own terms. The mirror does not lie, the camera isn't lying either; the image you have in your mind is the thing that lies if it reflects anything other than wonderful.  Now if someone or several people tell you things to intentionally belittle, demean or knock you down... get the fuck away from those people. they are not your friends. But remember unhealthy looks unhealthy even on the most wonderful person and friends aren't trying to hurt you. They want you to wonderful. Why? Because on the other end of the spectrum... self destructive behavior is not wonderful. a person can surround themselves with 'yes' men and ignore the advice of true friends. But in the end no one is being real. Being the best version of themselves is the most wonderful thing a person can be. So if you want to be wonderful... then just BE. kisses. m.

Friday, June 25, 2010



Not participating...

“The best way to waste your life, ... is by taking notes. The easiest way to avoid living is to just watch. Look for the details. Report. Don't participate.” 
-Chuck Palahniuk

This quote has been in my mind for a while now... over six months. The last week it has been sitting at the front of my thoughts. The writing... LOVE TO DO. There are moments, now and again when it keeps me cooped up . That's the part of the craft I hold half-handedly and have been getting better about it. Those times alone are necessary. Like with art, music, you have to create without distraction. Sometimes you feel like you are merely observing, although you are quite involved in the world. Sacrifice. Crazy moments alone. The best things come out of it though. 

Getting physical...


Marilyn Monroe by Philippe Halsman

Been improving the body as of late... can heal the mind, time to heal the body... the right way. It's been a little like training with a drill sergeant. Found out how incredibly weak my muscles are through this process. It has been great though. In fact, lifting weights and getting in about 20 miles a day.  

Working with multiples...


Juggler Balancing with Knives.

Back to working on multiples as of late. I once said I would explain.... I suppose it goes back to my ethic as a musician. With music (and I suppose sometimes with art projects), typically you have two to three pieces you are amidst. One or two is for variety and the other is for a challenge. It's interesting, but completely worth it when it is accomplished. 

Pushing to finish something. - m. 

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Style Icon: Marilyn Monroe - "I just want to be wonderful"

"I'm not interested in money," she once said. "I just want to be wonderful."

 photo MarilynMonroe-1_zps4e6e617b.jpg
"Throughout her life Marilyn Monroe occupied a series of residences, owned no jewelry and counted books, records and a picture of legendary actress Eleonora Duse among her most cherished possessions. Even after the attention-getting roles in The Asphalt Jungle and All About Eve (both 1950), she still kept a modest, one-room bedroom apartment at the Beverly Carlton Hotel in Beverly Hills. "

Marilyn Monroe. I've always admired this lady. I think people had the wrong impression of her. People just assume she was stupid because of the bombshell image. On the contrary she was quite intelligent. I like her simplicity. A woman can live without jewelry. I think there's something to be said about a woman who holds books as a prized possession over jewelry.


"The library of Marilyn Monroe contained over 400 books on a variety of subjects, reflecting both her intelligence and her wide-ranging interests. No surprise to those familiar with Monroe, they were the books of a well-read and inquiring mind. Works of Literature, Art, Drama, Biography, Poetry, Politics, History, Theology, Philosophy, and Psychology covered the walls in her library." Something remarkable.