Friday, June 25, 2010



Not participating...

“The best way to waste your life, ... is by taking notes. The easiest way to avoid living is to just watch. Look for the details. Report. Don't participate.” 
-Chuck Palahniuk

This quote has been in my mind for a while now... over six months. The last week it has been sitting at the front of my thoughts. The writing... LOVE TO DO. There are moments, now and again when it keeps me cooped up . That's the part of the craft I hold half-handedly and have been getting better about it. Those times alone are necessary. Like with art, music, you have to create without distraction. Sometimes you feel like you are merely observing, although you are quite involved in the world. Sacrifice. Crazy moments alone. The best things come out of it though. 

Getting physical...


Marilyn Monroe by Philippe Halsman

Been improving the body as of late... can heal the mind, time to heal the body... the right way. It's been a little like training with a drill sergeant. Found out how incredibly weak my muscles are through this process. It has been great though. In fact, lifting weights and getting in about 20 miles a day.  

Working with multiples...


Juggler Balancing with Knives.

Back to working on multiples as of late. I once said I would explain.... I suppose it goes back to my ethic as a musician. With music (and I suppose sometimes with art projects), typically you have two to three pieces you are amidst. One or two is for variety and the other is for a challenge. It's interesting, but completely worth it when it is accomplished. 

Pushing to finish something. - m. 

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