The Fabulous World of Ms. M

Granted it isn't always a fabulous world for anyone & everyone but we are all in this universe together and remember that you are all fabulous. Now, I am quite a fabulous lady... which on that note, the fabulous ms. m, must stop to thank her very dear friends for the nickname. I don't write pretty stories or share designers, quotes, fashion, artists or music that is everyone's cup of tea. When I started the blog it was with a little bit of music and naturally it morphed into something else. I started with this being a form of daily musical therapy, an online journal of sorts that included my favorite music, art, and many other things that I often find completely fascinating. Occasionally, now I write a fictional story or two (it's been a while... drop me an email if you want to read one), I write about dream houses, interior design, sometimes my days or nights and if you're lucky I'll include a little music and bit about my irregular passion for sleep. If you like anything let me know. Drop in, amuse yourself, run screaming, laugh hysterically, discover a new song or leave wanting more? enjoy. 

kisses, m.

About moi? I'm a Freelance writer with penchant for writing creepy tales that sometimes even scare me. In my spare time I write a monthly column for a magazine ModestoVIEW and occasionally write pieces for another magazine Faces of The Goddess. I don't always post them but I do contribute to other various online and print magazines as well. I have contributed to a couple of really great online publications in the past: Monarch Daily, a fabulous Art Collective that is breaking the rules and for Why Blue Matters, a visionary site for inspiration of all kinds. If you'd like a copy of ModestoVIEW please email a request. Otherwise keep an eye out for my work. If you love the short fiction I have compiled and published several ebooks comprising of my writing. For the time being, you can find them on amazon.com in the kindle store. My first ebook Between the Sheets can be found here. Otherwise please feel free to enjoy my "Workingman's Fiction" for free on my blog. 

In addition to writing, I'm a Freelance Interior Stylist and Photographer by request. I am always accepting new clientele for interior work and photography. Currently my stylist services primarily include but are not limited to furniture and art acquisition. Please contact for pricing and questions. All inquiries are welcome. Email information requests to thefabulousmsm@gmail.com.

The stories and poetry on this blog are entirely a work of fiction. The names, characters and incidents portrayed therein are creations of the author’s imagination. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead is purely coincidental. 

All original writing, artwork, and photography that appears on this blog is the property of  M. Barber © 2008-2023, All rights reserved. You must obtain permission of the copyright holder to use or duplicate any original material. Redistribution or commercial use of original work without the expressed, written permission of M. Barber is prohibited. For information on the usage of rights, please send inquires to thefabulousmsm@gmail.com. Public Domain images are not copyrighted but belong to others. Please feel free to take a look, share my blog with others and enjoy. Just don't pass off my work or anyone else's as yours. Be yourself, not anyone else. Love yourself! Thanks.