Sunday, November 20, 2011

Inspiration: Style Icon Marilyn Monroe - Be Wonderful!

"I just want to be wonderful." - Marilyn Monroe.
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Marilyn Monroe was a wonderful actress. She was an amazing talented woman. I admire her talent and enjoy a couple of her movies. But I would never want to be her. Why? As wonderful as she is? I'd rather be myself. Wouldn't you rather be yourself?

So you want to be wonderful? What if I told you that you already are? Would you believe me? Everyone can be wonderful. No one needs anyone's approval when they are living life on their own terms. The mirror does not lie, the camera isn't lying either; the image you have in your mind is the thing that lies if it reflects anything other than wonderful.  Now if someone or several people tell you things to intentionally belittle, demean or knock you down... get the fuck away from those people. they are not your friends. But remember unhealthy looks unhealthy even on the most wonderful person and friends aren't trying to hurt you. They want you to wonderful. Why? Because on the other end of the spectrum... self destructive behavior is not wonderful. a person can surround themselves with 'yes' men and ignore the advice of true friends. But in the end no one is being real. Being the best version of themselves is the most wonderful thing a person can be. So if you want to be wonderful... then just BE. kisses. m.

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