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Wednesday, November 26, 2014


It's amazing. To think. Of Nina Simone. I'm a mix of emotions with her sounds. Much like Miles I play Nina when I need to think. Thinking of people... It's not funny but I'll say it is and I'll laugh because to me it isn't a lie: The way most people think I'm lonely is the same way I think most people would prefer to be alone. Well, I'm generally not lonely although I'm single and I'm guessing that y'all don't mind the company... Right? At times, I do get lonely though and often I never turn down a chance for company! My out of state homesick friend tells me they are doing better and meeting people. On that note I'll say: We are opposites in humanity, projecting our feelings onto others. Interesting thought? In writing it's easier to write about love and romance when you are single and sadness when you are happy because there is no one to project upon except the unknown man you haven't dated yet... well you hope you aren't. Most often I'm wrong and someone's making something about them. Oh well. The mind is your most powerful ally or your enemy. Choose wisely. 

Here's an older piece from the 8 words series inspired by Nina Simone. 

Kisses, m. 

There'll come a time, don't you forget it

All day before my eyes come little visions.
There’s a beautiful land where dreams come true.
And this old world is a new world.
Aren’t many things one can be sure of…
In one moment you’ll know what it is
There'll come a time, don't you forget it.

You might find the night-time the right time
You walk without a sound down forgotten streets
And you see it comin' down the street
In it’s hanging on, and with fingers clutching
Baby, telling you, you've been gone too long.

I've got to follow where it leads me
Here tonight as I stand inside the rain
I'm glad I'm mad and can't live without
Me wanting a little sweetness in my soul

I want to touch your face, your hands
I’ve always loved the simple things about you
Oh touch me now and let me know
If you like it let me know it.

In the dark I get such a thrill
When I kiss you every night and day.
You are my nights; my night and day.
I declare you gonna drive me stone insane

Quiet baby, don’t explain there’s nothing to gain.
Don't talk just hold me closer to you.
I need your affection and not your protection
Keep looking in my eyes we'll be fine
I know it will be so it's time

Lie away resting away deep in my arms
From memory these arms still hold a thrill.
A thrill that should have been gone by
Like that dance before the flame that burns. 

Oh please forget the dreams that were broken
The future that someone says may never be
Tomorrow might not come, when dreamers dream late
But still I hope the time will come.
And when you have some time to spend
Come on back see me when you can.

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Beautiful World

Sometimes you dance while people stand there and do nothing to help you from falling... And sometimes you let someone help you. In buddhism it's compassionate and a kindness to give help to others and accept the kindness of others. A real friend wouldn't watch as you as you fall... Tsk! Tsk! Love yourself more!

Do you have people to just stand around and watch you fall or do you let people help you?

I hope you let people help you and that you can catch yourself... However not at the expense of letting others watching you flip and fall for their amusement...  That's not a real friend. Love yourself! 

Here's an 8 words about being grateful for what you have & letting others in without fear.

Kisses, m.

All of us live in a beautiful world

We’ve got nothing to do today but smile.
Keep looking in on the good life. There
Is nothing to lose. Everybody got somebody to
Love. We should feel the touch of love.
If we catch us, where would we land?

All of us live in a beautiful world.
At long last it's crashed, the colossal mass 
Far above our heads under the icy heights.
You've touched this place before. In another time
All the lights on and you are alive.

Do you believe in what you see here?
There doesn't seem to be anybody who agrees.
I'm here to say that I sometimes do.
You're strong in this life and work but
I can help you stand for this dance.
I just wanna sing a song with you.

Baby, are you in or are you out?
Let go. Jump in. What you waiting for?
Leave your things it's all going without you.
It could be here now, it should. How?

All the night you've dreamt my heart again
Where I was so sure you'd follow through
And you'd hide your songs yours with mine.
We’re in another time and I can hear
Everyone. Stop everyone saying different things to you.
Half a million thoughts flow through my mind.

Who'd have thought that you'd dream of a
Land where I dance like the queen that
Comes from a place that's so far away.
It’s a gold tooth curse for a town,
But I don't want you thinking I'm unhappy.
A whole lifetime could have been the end.
The rest of our lives we’ll fare well.

We’re gone but we don't know where and
When you're away, when I am missing you
I hope this song will guide you home.

And have hope we’re gonna find our way
Toward these dreams that take us far away.

Friday, September 19, 2014


This doll simply sees that perhaps some people over think things but... it's up to them what to do. She keeps her favorite dolls and Kens around for adventures without a second thought or care what others think! 

Anyhoo, here's an 8 words... About a guy who is thinking over things, imagining in that he can change things. Maybe with his favorite girl? Who knows??? Well it's been revised a bit. It was originally written a little darker. Idk. Most things I've written have a 2nd version that is lighter. And quite a few are written as from the perspective of a man... Writer drag! Ha!

Are you loyal to the favorite people in your life and have the best adventures with them? 

This doll hopes so!
Kisses, m.

Little Heart

At the bottom of the cliff she dwells.
She would not leave there without a kiss.
She puts the weights into my little heart. 
She’s all right but can't come out tonight.

I'll be still to hear your call either-way.  
I will surprise you some way. 
I'll come around.

I might make me handsome. 
Give you me. 
Pull you in close. 
Wrap you up tight. 
Tell you that you’re mine to break the ice.

It's different now that I'm older and aging.
I got plenty currency and I’m heaven sent.

I come in singing. 
You call me a liar. 
I'd only ever lie to make you smile.
I lack the things to which you relate.
But you're so cute when you're frustrated, dear.

All that you’ve known be as it may.
It's time we give something new a try.
Don't waste time when there's words to tell.

I see that you've become irresistible to me.
We’re spending time and money.
You're lovelier, more timeless than money.

It's too late to be this locked inside myself.
I'll take time with myself in preparation tonight. 
You have two chances where you can
Make me lose my balance, make me spin.
Oh, oh and move heaven behind those eyes.

Look in my eyes. 
So sweet. 
So surprised.

All your mysteries are moving in the sun.
I need sunlight to keep me above you.
You can see the gazing eye won’t lie.

Teach me. 
Meet my desires with some grace.
Tell them your pleasure’s set upon slow release.

Your heart makes me sing. 
Makes me smile.
Eyes are spies. 
Intimate slow hands. 
Killers for hire. 

I’ve got this soul. 
It’s all fired up.
I could walk through. 
Shake up your style.
Inside like a wrecking ball,
Through your eyes.

Follow the speed in this star swept night.
Please explore my heart's endurance and stay today.

Wednesday, September 10, 2014


Life is magic. Every moment is alive with it. Love and magic wait for no one. Sometimes there are no second looks. You must live to love and see the magic for yourself instead of waiting for a lover to bring it to you. You cannot believe in magic without a little superstition. Love yourself and you will never be a lonely heart pretending to love! Do you see the magic and live in wonder? Or are you a skeptic who can't decide what's really love and magic? Figure it out cause you don't always get a second look!

Here's an 8 words about a second look...

Kisses, m.

Second Look

Off in the distance fire burn bright tonight
White light everywhere you can't see a thing
She comes my way her red dress on,
With her words as weapons sharper than knives
Who put those tiny daggers in your heart?

You want me again then you come running
Sometimes in life you get a second look
I've known you well if you wanna stay
Slide over here and give me a moment
You might know how to play with fire
Just pick it up, throw it into shape
Someone out there ain’t gonna like it, but
There's no time to waste just do it
Live baby live. Now that day is over
I need you tonight ‘cause I'm not sleeping
I'm needing all that you can give me
Once in your arms and I'm on fire
Cause you were sent here so perfectly true
In the dark of night by my side
Words are healing with sweet anticipation making spells
I'll be your one your one and only
World, collided that they could never tear apart 

Don't ask me what you know is true
We could fly 'cause we all have wings
And wake up to a brand new day
We're leaving yeah we're leaving broken hearts behind
Make peace with love for flesh and blood
Making love in our fight against the end
What matters is that ya gotta really go 
Give yourself to the feelings that you know
Love your mate designate your love as fate
And in the end this is the truth

How do you know when it's time for you to go?

Beautiful girl, stay with me… She wants to go…

How can you go back when you don't know why you're here?

She's walking away with her red dress on
Then dressed in black if she comes back.

Friday, September 5, 2014

Trees and Bare Mountains

Barbie loves Dreamhouses with trees inside them but living up in a tree waiting for a man... Tsk tsk! Tacky! Hiding in a tree & looking for bears on bear mountain naked Or pining away up in that pine tree for love...  While nudity is boring... It's not attractive to be desperate! Don't climb trees and pine away! Climb trees for a lovely view of the mountain & a Dreamhouse! And remember this...Love happens if you love yourself. It can not happen otherwise! Here's another 8 words about pining away!

Kisses, m.

And the world just screams and falls apart

The world it goes and awaits the day. 
I'm calling softly crawl across towards your window
Wanting warm and moving bends towards soothing touch.
Always half awake and sleeping on my feet
Your beauty is seeping out through the clothes
Please stay awhile and I’ll fill your heart.

Your heart hanging open all over the sheets.
I am listening to hear where you are.
There is music that sounds from the street.

There’s a taste in this life more inviting.
I love the way your kiss is heavenly.
I'm not afraid of love in this daydream. 
It's you and me and life has begun. 

You were needing me. When you believed all
I wanted was to be in your body,
In your mouth and say I love you.
To sing, say my dream has come and
In a blink of an eye you’re gone.

Oh ah, but why are they weeping now?
As empty anger falls out from their eyes
Someone is waiting to swallow all of you.
And the world just screams and falls apart.

Up and over we go, mouths open wide
Placing fingers through the notches in your spine.
The weight is waiting off fell the world.
I’m so empty please, please don't leave me.
Chasing the only meaningful memory you had left.

And when I put my arms around you, 
It hurts you everyday. I lay naked so
We’d learn what each other's bodies were for.
Run my lips across your fingers till you
Find you are beautiful and trembling with life.

Like the feeling you get when you realize
That your love was all left within me.
And now you know you'll never be afraid.
In your heart there's a spark that screams.
Struggling to find the secret songs you keep.
Tear out your heart; send me your secrets.

Tuesday, September 2, 2014


Love only at Sunrise? Love all the day. Love is eternal and experienced throughout your life. Heartbroken? You will love again. Everyone does. Who knows what the future holds... Let it happen. This doll always goes with the flow. You should try it!

Here's another from 8 words...

Kisses, m.

In Their Eyes

Asleep and never saw the sun go down
When everything goes incredible and all is beautiful
Prophets are telling us we're near the end
There are too many questions not one solution
Begin to see the picture, it becomes clear
Just think back and remember dear those words

Time went on and I waited for you
Time goes by slowly for those who wait
Waiting for time when Earth shall be one

Take time to tell me how you feel
Talk to me -- tell me your dreams
And all you need is your own imagination

Do you believe we can change the future?
One day come together to release the pressure
Future lovers hide their love inside their eyes

I change when I look in your eyes
You know I feel it in my heartbeat
You love me til I just can't see
But you're afraid to look in my eyes
So you choose to look the other way
Too blind to the writing on the wall

Don't try to hide love wears no disguise
And let go of all disappointment that's waiting
Think, does it matter if you feel good
Find a way to show your true feelings
You have to say what's on your mind
Find another way there's much more to know

Call me fool but I know I'm not
I am hungry for a life of understanding
Not living in fear just living in chaos
And I’m no longer scared if I fall
Love means to understand, reach for someone's hand

It took me by surprise that you understood
Nothing takes the past away like the future
It all seems like yesterday, not far away
And you’re always closing your door to it
Well that only makes me want you more
Why do you leave me always wanting more?

Monday, August 25, 2014


No need to look for love. Love is within you. Love is freedom. Some people have to work at it. Some don't. Love doesn't always come origanically while others don't have to work at love... we keep loving even though it may end up in heartbreak. 

Here's one from a series of poems borrowed from song lyrics called 8 words...  

Where do you look for love? Even climb a tree for a look? This doll has!
It's fun!
Kisses, m.

So simply a look can break your heart.

We are one through the darkness breaks light
Creatures kissing in the rain, In the dark
Along the path where the stream is talking.
In the distance there's a gathering far away.

Though no one did appear and make real
They cut the cast, the music, and lights.
This is my line, this is eternal. The
Small voice in the back of my mind
Yesterday reading the lines. In the mirror through
Deep within divinity let's start another secret show.

Part your lips more; I'll swallow your fear
Closing my eyes, kissing them one last time
Calling tears from deep inside, you're so exquisite
You'll love the eyes. Have they always shown
That ghost you love, your ray of light?

So simply a look can break your heart.
Cause now you've paused to break my heart.
Hungry eyes waiting for life flash, to see 
I left here there darkness and found you.

The shadows betrayed you and I that night.
Will I ever come around or you have
A need to see those lights, like rain.
In flames is where I can be found
Cause you know where I'll be found and 
I'll gladly accept the gift I've been granted.

We've never given up before on this stand 
The words remain. I hold to the light.
We run this light take a little life.
So lose your past. It’s in the way.

A thousand lights are burning bright darkened light.
The way things seem to me right now
I thought we pushed toward the same ends.
You've got something to say, so you say
When, remember when we were all so beautiful?

All that is surrounding, somewhere between, a dream.
No fear of death, no fear of life.
This place where I belong, with all erased.
The truth you hide was you all along.

*Track Listing
...But Home Is Nowhere
Now The World
Miss Murder
This Time Imperfect
Kiss And Control
Beautiful Thieves
Too Shy To Scream
The Lost Souls
The Despair Factor
This Celluloid Dream
Strength Through Wounding
The Last Kiss
The Hanging Garden
3 ½
Lower Your Head And Take It In The Body
Don't Make Me Ill
Darling, I Want To Destroy You
I Am Trying Very Hard To Be Here
Love Like Winter
Silver And Cold
This Secret Ninja
Two Of A Kind
Aspirin Free
The Checkered Demon
Salt For Your Wounds
Consult My Lover
The Boy Who Destroyed The World
Dream Of Waking
Girl's Not Grey
Narrative Of Soul Against Soul
Of Greetings And Goodbyes
Catch A Hot One
The Prayer Position
Three Reasons