Wednesday, September 10, 2014


Life is magic. Every moment is alive with it. Love and magic wait for no one. Sometimes there are no second looks. You must live to love and see the magic for yourself instead of waiting for a lover to bring it to you. You cannot believe in magic without a little superstition. Love yourself and you will never be a lonely heart pretending to love! Do you see the magic and live in wonder? Or are you a skeptic who can't decide what's really love and magic? Figure it out cause you don't always get a second look!

Here's an 8 words about a second look...

Kisses, m.

Second Look

Off in the distance fire burn bright tonight
White light everywhere you can't see a thing
She comes my way her red dress on,
With her words as weapons sharper than knives
Who put those tiny daggers in your heart?

You want me again then you come running
Sometimes in life you get a second look
I've known you well if you wanna stay
Slide over here and give me a moment
You might know how to play with fire
Just pick it up, throw it into shape
Someone out there ain’t gonna like it, but
There's no time to waste just do it
Live baby live. Now that day is over
I need you tonight ‘cause I'm not sleeping
I'm needing all that you can give me
Once in your arms and I'm on fire
Cause you were sent here so perfectly true
In the dark of night by my side
Words are healing with sweet anticipation making spells
I'll be your one your one and only
World, collided that they could never tear apart 

Don't ask me what you know is true
We could fly 'cause we all have wings
And wake up to a brand new day
We're leaving yeah we're leaving broken hearts behind
Make peace with love for flesh and blood
Making love in our fight against the end
What matters is that ya gotta really go 
Give yourself to the feelings that you know
Love your mate designate your love as fate
And in the end this is the truth

How do you know when it's time for you to go?

Beautiful girl, stay with me… She wants to go…

How can you go back when you don't know why you're here?

She's walking away with her red dress on
Then dressed in black if she comes back.

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