Friday, September 19, 2014


This doll simply sees that perhaps some people over think things but... it's up to them what to do. She keeps her favorite dolls and Kens around for adventures without a second thought or care what others think! 

Anyhoo, here's an 8 words... About a guy who is thinking over things, imagining in that he can change things. Maybe with his favorite girl? Who knows??? Well it's been revised a bit. It was originally written a little darker. Idk. Most things I've written have a 2nd version that is lighter. And quite a few are written as from the perspective of a man... Writer drag! Ha!

Are you loyal to the favorite people in your life and have the best adventures with them? 

This doll hopes so!
Kisses, m.

Little Heart

At the bottom of the cliff she dwells.
She would not leave there without a kiss.
She puts the weights into my little heart. 
She’s all right but can't come out tonight.

I'll be still to hear your call either-way.  
I will surprise you some way. 
I'll come around.

I might make me handsome. 
Give you me. 
Pull you in close. 
Wrap you up tight. 
Tell you that you’re mine to break the ice.

It's different now that I'm older and aging.
I got plenty currency and I’m heaven sent.

I come in singing. 
You call me a liar. 
I'd only ever lie to make you smile.
I lack the things to which you relate.
But you're so cute when you're frustrated, dear.

All that you’ve known be as it may.
It's time we give something new a try.
Don't waste time when there's words to tell.

I see that you've become irresistible to me.
We’re spending time and money.
You're lovelier, more timeless than money.

It's too late to be this locked inside myself.
I'll take time with myself in preparation tonight. 
You have two chances where you can
Make me lose my balance, make me spin.
Oh, oh and move heaven behind those eyes.

Look in my eyes. 
So sweet. 
So surprised.

All your mysteries are moving in the sun.
I need sunlight to keep me above you.
You can see the gazing eye won’t lie.

Teach me. 
Meet my desires with some grace.
Tell them your pleasure’s set upon slow release.

Your heart makes me sing. 
Makes me smile.
Eyes are spies. 
Intimate slow hands. 
Killers for hire. 

I’ve got this soul. 
It’s all fired up.
I could walk through. 
Shake up your style.
Inside like a wrecking ball,
Through your eyes.

Follow the speed in this star swept night.
Please explore my heart's endurance and stay today.

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