Tuesday, September 2, 2014


Love only at Sunrise? Love all the day. Love is eternal and experienced throughout your life. Heartbroken? You will love again. Everyone does. Who knows what the future holds... Let it happen. This doll always goes with the flow. You should try it!

Here's another from 8 words...

Kisses, m.

In Their Eyes

Asleep and never saw the sun go down
When everything goes incredible and all is beautiful
Prophets are telling us we're near the end
There are too many questions not one solution
Begin to see the picture, it becomes clear
Just think back and remember dear those words

Time went on and I waited for you
Time goes by slowly for those who wait
Waiting for time when Earth shall be one

Take time to tell me how you feel
Talk to me -- tell me your dreams
And all you need is your own imagination

Do you believe we can change the future?
One day come together to release the pressure
Future lovers hide their love inside their eyes

I change when I look in your eyes
You know I feel it in my heartbeat
You love me til I just can't see
But you're afraid to look in my eyes
So you choose to look the other way
Too blind to the writing on the wall

Don't try to hide love wears no disguise
And let go of all disappointment that's waiting
Think, does it matter if you feel good
Find a way to show your true feelings
You have to say what's on your mind
Find another way there's much more to know

Call me fool but I know I'm not
I am hungry for a life of understanding
Not living in fear just living in chaos
And I’m no longer scared if I fall
Love means to understand, reach for someone's hand

It took me by surprise that you understood
Nothing takes the past away like the future
It all seems like yesterday, not far away
And you’re always closing your door to it
Well that only makes me want you more
Why do you leave me always wanting more?

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