Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Beautiful World

Sometimes you dance while people stand there and do nothing to help you from falling... And sometimes you let someone help you. In buddhism it's compassionate and a kindness to give help to others and accept the kindness of others. A real friend wouldn't watch as you as you fall... Tsk! Tsk! Love yourself more!

Do you have people to just stand around and watch you fall or do you let people help you?

I hope you let people help you and that you can catch yourself... However not at the expense of letting others watching you flip and fall for their amusement...  That's not a real friend. Love yourself! 

Here's an 8 words about being grateful for what you have & letting others in without fear.

Kisses, m.

All of us live in a beautiful world

We’ve got nothing to do today but smile.
Keep looking in on the good life. There
Is nothing to lose. Everybody got somebody to
Love. We should feel the touch of love.
If we catch us, where would we land?

All of us live in a beautiful world.
At long last it's crashed, the colossal mass 
Far above our heads under the icy heights.
You've touched this place before. In another time
All the lights on and you are alive.

Do you believe in what you see here?
There doesn't seem to be anybody who agrees.
I'm here to say that I sometimes do.
You're strong in this life and work but
I can help you stand for this dance.
I just wanna sing a song with you.

Baby, are you in or are you out?
Let go. Jump in. What you waiting for?
Leave your things it's all going without you.
It could be here now, it should. How?

All the night you've dreamt my heart again
Where I was so sure you'd follow through
And you'd hide your songs yours with mine.
We’re in another time and I can hear
Everyone. Stop everyone saying different things to you.
Half a million thoughts flow through my mind.

Who'd have thought that you'd dream of a
Land where I dance like the queen that
Comes from a place that's so far away.
It’s a gold tooth curse for a town,
But I don't want you thinking I'm unhappy.
A whole lifetime could have been the end.
The rest of our lives we’ll fare well.

We’re gone but we don't know where and
When you're away, when I am missing you
I hope this song will guide you home.

And have hope we’re gonna find our way
Toward these dreams that take us far away.

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