Thursday, June 24, 2010


Get on your feet ladies! I said MOVE IT! THIS IS NOT YOUR MAMA’S HOUSE. I AM NOT YOUR MAMA! Soldiers when I say JUMP, you will say ‘how high’ Understood? When you address me, you will say “Yes, Sir.” If there is a “No, Sir” I expect a damn good reason for it. The Bottom line: There will be no bitching soldiers here. You are not bitches. Understood? I can’t hear you? Good! I’m glad we understand ourselves. Boys we are just getting started. This is phase one.  And it’s my duty to prepare you for the next step. Are you ready? YES SIR! That’s what I like to hear! Get down and give me fifty. Wait. Make that an even hundred.  One. Two. Three. Four. Keep em coming. Third soldier on the left flank, step it up. This isn’t a holiday. Get after it. Hustle.  Soldiers I don’t feel your enthusiasm for my drills. Let’s add another hundred to the repertoire. You can and will jump up higher! Gentlemen, would you like to know what happens next?  If you successfully make through all of your training, you will be among the finest and most decorated men. That’s right hard work pays off. Right flank twelfth back two over, get that head up and keep moving. I expect results. You will deliver results to me.  I guarantee all of my soldiers are duty ready by the time they leave my command. And you will have that guarantee. Now get back on your feet and give me twenty-five miles. The road is down the way. And when you get to the end, turn your asses around and give me another twenty-five back. There will be more when you get back. Don’t think about it soldiers. MOVE. I said, GO! HUSTLE!

On the floor, out the door, a little more. 300. Drill sergeant. How many ‘300s’ are there? More than 30, but less than 300. Heading outside at the moment and trying to decide what comes next. Dark, light, something old or something new? Enjoy. m.

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