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Tuesday, October 11, 2016


Water.  It’s cleansing. Pure. Clears you of your sins. Maybe that’s why it’s water. It was going to be Water after Smoke. It relates to it but I can’t explain how. I think it really should’ve come after it. Why? Gossip is like sins…

And people love to gossip, other people love to believe and spread it. Still don’t quite understand the fascination of idle talk and want no part of it or the people that perpetuate it. I’ve spent the better part of the year chasing gossip with a metaphorical fly swatter to stop it instead of simply letting it happen. I’ve finally decided to let it happen and let it go. It didn’t hurt but it’s hard to watch people mistreat you without just cause because of someone’s lies especially after you’ve shown them compassion. Yes, gossip is hurtful & unnecessary manipulation. Look dolls, the manipulating won’t get you the job, the accomplishments or the man or woman but a lot of bad karma for yourself later. 

To dispel my own rumors for the record I’m currently just living, hanging out with friends and pursuing my passions. I stay in and work out more than pop off at a concert or in the club. I still meditate, practice Buddhism & Christian beliefs. I don’t do drugs or get involved with my exes, married or taken men. Dated a bit this year and currently not involved not that it’s anyone’s business. I buckled down and modified my exercise routine & diet, started taking herbs and improved my health because I don’t believe in taking drugs, antibiotics & painkillers to mend broken bones or heal tattoos. Sorry to be so boring if you were hoping for something titillating it’s been a weird journey for me too but I am happy & grateful every day for my friends and family whom I love & adore to pieces. I hope this helps with the speculation which no one should have to ever clarify. 

Here’s a piece from Water about time spent alone. You’re supposed to be alone once and again. You know, it’s part of the cycle of living.  Making your way through water to swim or move… you have to do it alone. I recently found out one of my favorite Ken’s is in love and I couldn’t be happier for him… despite his luck in the past he’s always been such a charmer with this doll, so this is wonderful news. I do love to see the love even when I’m flying solo. 

Kisses, m.


Spinning backwards into my own cocoon of water after I push his hand away again, I need to move forward on my own. I insist he moves on without me and I’ll catch up. There’s nothing like trust and sometimes making my own way is necessary. It’s a full moon and there’s nothing like a midnight swim to calm the mind. 

“Luna,” he says with a calm resolve, “Your mind wanders too much.” 
“How do you mean?” I ask him. 
“You already are ahead of me with your words and movements.” 
With a smile I move away from the dock and reach up out of the ocean currents. “If you want you can catch some waves while I swim out to the breaker.” 
“It’s fine. Go on. I’ll go back to the house and take Miko for a walk.”

We nearly lost each other once and we’re thankful to both be alive. The waves weren’t the issue then, the weight of the water was. He couldn’t let go of the unnecessary gear tying us down. 

Tied down. Halfway to the breaker, I’m caught. There’s a fishing line wrapped around my ankle. It’s tight but I’m agile with my movements. Quickly my fingers make work of the tiny wires in the cold waters. Knowing I’m not moving fast enough I ascend. With a gasp I’m up in the night again and back underwater wrestling with my anchor. 

To my surprise an set of extra fingers snaps the invisible cord and I find my freedom. Mostly silence echoes across the ocean currents as I emerge, until I hear Miko’s splashing paws as Griffin’s warm arms wrap around me. 

“I can’t leave you alone for a second!” the laughter escapes me.
“Almost lost my mind without you and Miko preferred a swim.”

Photo Credit: Diego Munoz

Thursday, October 6, 2016




Trying to control feelings is like stopping up water. You know like in a dam. Some feelings are fun. I like the fun ones. Don’t you? The tortured and twisted ones are not my favorites but I feel them nonetheless. You can’t pretend the negative ones don’t exist, that’s no good. Even the most serene and calm Buddhist Monk or Zen master will have an emotional outburst given the right circumstances. So you can’t deny them. You can control them, so you do. Maybe sometimes you act on them & something fun is out there? And that's ok too if no one gets hurt. Don’t you like fun? One of my favorite Ken’s knows how to have as much fun as I do. And despite what some of the ladies tell him… I still think he looks damn amazing doing it. ;)  


Anyhoo, here’s a new one from my new book Water. It had to be water. Why? It was supposed to be water two years ago, after it was Smoke. The funny thing about water is that Ms. M is always surrounded by it even though I’m a fire element. 


Do you control your feelings? Or live in the past? 



 Kisses, m. 





Fuck your feelings.” He says coyly with a smirk and leans back in the shower. 


“I’d rather you were fucking me.” I fidget with the cheap robe that the Four Seasons provided in the suite. Another time I can’t believe I caved in and I’m with a man I swore I’d never because he’s…


No good,” the almond milk is spoiled. Erica says it with a disdain that tells me she’s convinced I’ll throw it out because of her smell test which is rarely ever in agreement with the date on the package. 


“It’s fine.  Don’t use it.” I tell her and move back to the poetry of writing my paper.


“It’s exasperating when you force yourself to do things you don’t want to.” My sister echoes with her own brand of self punishment as she pours the milk into her coffee. 


Oh I want to,” I scream out loud as I press him up against the shower wall letting the water spill over us. When I know I should be forcing myself to stop I don’t, because it feels good. I don’t feel bad in spite of how we really are with each other. 


“Of course you want to,” he says and pulls me against him. The water splashing against my back feels incredible as his lips find their way across my skin. Our breathing sounds mingle with echoes of water spilling down the drain to fill the silence.


Silently drinking her coffee, Erica slowly pours what remains of the almond milk down the drain. Knowing she wants a response, I ignore her. Loudly she insists “I’m saving you from hurting yourself.” 


“Of course you are.” 


When he knows I’m aching for more he says it, “Saving the best for last. Waiting hurts, doesn’t it?”


“Of course it does.”

Photo credit: Tyler Shields 

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Dream Roomspiration: The Dark

Dark Water c/o Tyler Shields

Some dolls love the dark... Dark rooms, dark water, dark furniture... well dolls there are some chic ways to incorporate the theme of Dark into your dream homes!

Dream Roomspiration: Dark 

Saturday, March 1, 2014

Dream Roomspiration: Water In Your Backyard

Barbie knows that rain brings a lot of water and sometimes it floods your backyard. The best way to combine your loves of water and outdoors is to create the perfect water design in your backyard!

Dream Roomspiration: Water In The Backyard

Do you enjoy water design in your backyard?

Barbie does!
Kisses, m.

Friday, February 21, 2014

Art Vol. 1: Submerged beneath the surface --- Underwater Photography

Dolls and Kens, do you love underwater photography? Well Barbie does! In fact this doll loves underwater photography that she was inspired by some great artists to try it on her own!

Have you shot underwater photos before? 

It's not easy! But so much fun! 
Kisses, m.

Diego Muñoz 

Jordan Matter

Christy Lee Rogers


Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Dream Roomspiration: Water Walls

Water cleanses and purifies its surroundings and “cleanliness” is something that Barbie simply loves in a dreamhouse. So why not decorate your walls with a bit of water!

Dream Roomspiration: Water Walls

Would you have water walls in your dreamhouse?

Barbie would! 

Kisses, m.

Monday, April 22, 2013

Sleep: Dreams and Nightmares 33

A pair is square. Four or more is a party. Water Drops. 2013.

"Be careful what you water your dreams with. Water them with worry and fear and you will produce weeds that choke the life from your dream. Water them with optimism and solutions and you will cultivate success. Always be on the lookout for ways to turn a problem into an opportunity for success. Always be on the lookout for ways to nurture your dream."

Lao Tzu

Monday, March 25, 2013

Kengo Kuma's The Water/Glass Villa

Barbie prides herself on not being too square but even the most flexible girl can find herself conforming for just the right space. And on this occasion that happens to be a very unique dream house.

The Water/Glass Villa

The Water/Glass Villa design, created by Architect Kengo Kuma, is essentially a hovering cube comprised of glass. The appearance of a seamless transition between the water’s edge and the structure is intentional. It's designed to give the illusion of connection between the interior & exterior spaces. The view of the Pacific complements this Japanese Home.

Would you live in a cube of glass hovering on water?

Barbie might.

Kisses, m.

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy Valentines!

 © Diego Munòz : Photo Credit

Happy Valentines Day to all! The lovers, the singles and the babes just starting out on their journey. The above image is one that sets on the desktop of my MAC. It's absolutely gorgeous! I do love to see the love. Why doesn't "The Fabulous Ms M experience it?" Alas, I would experience that romantic love if there was a special fellow... but there is not. So I certainly enjoy all the other aspects of love and appreciate wherever it comes from. Especially on holidays that screams about it from the rooftops! Anyhoo, I'm sparing you the heart-shaped dream house today... or am I? Time will tell. And in the meantime please enjoy a little snippet. A short story if you will, in the form of a love letter. It is also available in my ebook "Between the Sheets" which you can get here!  Enjoy! 

kisses, m.


My love, my angel, watching you sleep is possibly the most exquisite sight these humble eyes have had the pleasure to behold. The sun as it weakly finds its way into our room illuminates your skin and dances in your hair. I can not count the ways I am blessed to wake next to such a wondrous creature each day. The soft sounds that escape your lips as you linger in dreams are pleasant music to ears that had only known din before your song. The dreams in your mind surely can not capture half of my devotion for you. Watching you dream is torment to my soul. I can only envy these thoughts that take you away from me. As while you are away, I can only send you my love. Such peace, my love, is in your body at rest. Still eyes, quiet mouth, and calm breathing. My mind is in eager anticipation to embrace you, possess you in this tranquil moment.

What is in your thoughts that you slumber so delicately before these eyes of mine? Is it your lover in dreams that keeps us apart in such cruelty at night? Dreams provide no definition in reality. Could it be true that my only love prefers the company of such phantoms over waking into my genuine arms? Cruel mischief is at hand, for these thoughts take you where I can not follow. I curse the night and the need for slumber. Angel, dream no more. Leave my side no longer. Dreams are foul, cursed distractions that only filled my mind with torment and yours with peaceful joy. Do I dare to believe you dream of me, as I am here waking and watching as your humble servant without the least bit of hesitation. Darling, how it would be heaven if only you could draw me into your mind. We could be alive in a world that knows nothing of boundaries. To embrace every last bit of your soul, eternally. Ah, but I am denied such an unearthly pleasure. Star-crossed lovers must endure eternities apart, and weak fool that I am, mere hours are unbearable. Jealous of a fantasy world that I can not compete with and lost in my own false imaginings of what it truly means when you are there. Angel wake soon for this madness threatens to take hold. Wake again and save me once more.

Oh, but it is a wonder for you to wake and grace the world with your beautiful smile. Thank heaven for that smile that brightens even my darkest hour. Your smile challenges the shadows before me and lays waste to the despair that is determined to pull me under. My darling, don’t let me down. Awake. My soul wages war on these demons in your absence. It is only whole once more when the dreams restore you to this life. I am yours, devoted and true. I will wait through countless nights and battle the phantoms of your mind. The day I leave is when time runs out without your return and the world comes down before me. Wake my love. Wake.