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Monday, May 14, 2018


The currents will pull you away... just keep your head above.

~ Jack’s Mannequin

Tuesday, October 11, 2016


Water.  It’s cleansing. Pure. Clears you of your sins. Maybe that’s why it’s water. It was going to be Water after Smoke. It relates to it but I can’t explain how. I think it really should’ve come after it. Why? Gossip is like sins…

And people love to gossip, other people love to believe and spread it. Still don’t quite understand the fascination of idle talk and want no part of it or the people that perpetuate it. I’ve spent the better part of the year chasing gossip with a metaphorical fly swatter to stop it instead of simply letting it happen. I’ve finally decided to let it happen and let it go. It didn’t hurt but it’s hard to watch people mistreat you without just cause because of someone’s lies especially after you’ve shown them compassion. Yes, gossip is hurtful & unnecessary manipulation. Look dolls, the manipulating won’t get you the job, the accomplishments or the man or woman but a lot of bad karma for yourself later. 

To dispel my own rumors for the record I’m currently just living, hanging out with friends and pursuing my passions. I stay in and work out more than pop off at a concert or in the club. I still meditate, practice Buddhism & Christian beliefs. I don’t do drugs or get involved with my exes, married or taken men. Dated a bit this year and currently not involved not that it’s anyone’s business. I buckled down and modified my exercise routine & diet, started taking herbs and improved my health because I don’t believe in taking drugs, antibiotics & painkillers to mend broken bones or heal tattoos. Sorry to be so boring if you were hoping for something titillating it’s been a weird journey for me too but I am happy & grateful every day for my friends and family whom I love & adore to pieces. I hope this helps with the speculation which no one should have to ever clarify. 

Here’s a piece from Water about time spent alone. You’re supposed to be alone once and again. You know, it’s part of the cycle of living.  Making your way through water to swim or move… you have to do it alone. I recently found out one of my favorite Ken’s is in love and I couldn’t be happier for him… despite his luck in the past he’s always been such a charmer with this doll, so this is wonderful news. I do love to see the love even when I’m flying solo. 

Kisses, m.


Spinning backwards into my own cocoon of water after I push his hand away again, I need to move forward on my own. I insist he moves on without me and I’ll catch up. There’s nothing like trust and sometimes making my own way is necessary. It’s a full moon and there’s nothing like a midnight swim to calm the mind. 

“Luna,” he says with a calm resolve, “Your mind wanders too much.” 
“How do you mean?” I ask him. 
“You already are ahead of me with your words and movements.” 
With a smile I move away from the dock and reach up out of the ocean currents. “If you want you can catch some waves while I swim out to the breaker.” 
“It’s fine. Go on. I’ll go back to the house and take Miko for a walk.”

We nearly lost each other once and we’re thankful to both be alive. The waves weren’t the issue then, the weight of the water was. He couldn’t let go of the unnecessary gear tying us down. 

Tied down. Halfway to the breaker, I’m caught. There’s a fishing line wrapped around my ankle. It’s tight but I’m agile with my movements. Quickly my fingers make work of the tiny wires in the cold waters. Knowing I’m not moving fast enough I ascend. With a gasp I’m up in the night again and back underwater wrestling with my anchor. 

To my surprise an set of extra fingers snaps the invisible cord and I find my freedom. Mostly silence echoes across the ocean currents as I emerge, until I hear Miko’s splashing paws as Griffin’s warm arms wrap around me. 

“I can’t leave you alone for a second!” the laughter escapes me.
“Almost lost my mind without you and Miko preferred a swim.”

Photo Credit: Diego Munoz