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Tuesday, December 31, 2013

You say Goodbye 2013, I say Hello 2014!

You say goodbye and think about the past... Well I'm not thinking about the future, I'm planning it. 2013 was anything but interesting and it was a larger than life year. It's incredibly extraordinary that you can fit so much into one lil ol year but people did. Here's more than the HIGHLIGHTS! Here are my Thank You's. Here are the things and the people I forget to mention more often than not! I am sorry and I appreciate all of you!


To the two great places I get to write for online: THANK YOU BOTH! You give me the most amazing gift everyday. I have a reason to write and it's a great reason!

Monarch Daily... It has been nothing but a dream come true to be a part of this creative team. I believe in MD and have enjoyed helping push a new vision forward. I can only hope that 2014 brings a bigger and brighter future for MD. I appreciate and thank you for taking a chance on a struggling writer by taking me into the fold and welcoming me! Everyone's openness and love is mind-blowing and surreal. Cheers!

Why Blue Matters/Are You The Reason - To me, there is nothing better than being a part of something that inspires everyone. This is especially inspiring when the team you are part of reminds you everyday how important you truly are to them. To be honest there are days I want to quit.  Just opening up to the twitter feed, the Facebook and blog remind me why I get up and keep moving forward. Andre, Lital and everyone involved, I can not thank you enough for being a part of this great team. And simply just letting me do what I do, without egos and attitudes or compromises. You can not imagine how wonderful it has been to be a part of this unique vision. Here's to 2014 and all the wonderful inspiration it will bring!


To my friends and family who supported/encouraged me to keep putting together this crazy business plan all year and the artists/decorators/designers/stylists/photographers who inspired me to shape this into reality: Thank You. This is the tiniest of steps forward in an unknown direction. I can not say too much but this is finally a reality for me: I get to be a designer! Although it isn't what I thought it would be, it is still incredibly amazing to me. It is funny to think all you have to do is step back to see what you will end up doing. It's funnier when you realize it has little to do with where you started. As soon as I can I will shoot the first pictures and share the details of this epic adventure.


To the Artists, Showrooms and Gallery Dealers I've had the pleasure of meeting and supporting this year... Thank you so much! Some of you have been so amazing that I really don't have words for your wonderful attitudes. Needless to say it makes up for the few artists that were difficult to approach & deal with.

The commission pieces I've acquired for others as well as myself: They are well placed and can not be imagined anywhere else. Simply put, I could not have done my job without you. I share my personal pieces with others often. To the dear sweet artists and furniture designers, simply put, my life is better because your work is in it. Thank you for putting it out into the world. 

Well there's where you're going or where you've been... and you can't see both at the same time. So here's to 2014.

**For those that miss my short fiction writing: Maybe there will be time for writing? Needless to say... It's not the first thing on my mind. Sold a few stories and scripts in '12. The same didn't happen in '13. So for the time being... The scripts have a home on my shelf and they make fabulous paperweights right now. The novel, The Perspectives/The Inauthentic Life, I keep adding to it. Simply said: These days it's harder to get into character because I have no reason to leave my life behind. I can't imagine wanting to spend one minute miserable when there's no reason to be. I have a few other things that need my attention and I appreciate everyone that reads/continues to read the stories. They were such a wonderful time in my life to produce.

My friends and family: Thank you for the encouragement. I will rely on my instincts to run the business when the time comes. You know my intentions are with all of you first and foremost when I begin this plan. It is wonderful and very important that you are all here with me when I see it through.

Cheers and Happy 2014!

Enjoy your life!
Kisses, m. 

Monday, December 16, 2013

Dream Roomspiration: Peacefully GF your interior! Giving yourself the middle finger!

Chris Zylka c/o

Barbie knows that sometimes you may find yourself conflicted when dealing with designers, artists or even a loved one. One minute you its nothing but peace and happiness only to find that the next minute is filled with a handful of "fucks" telling them where they should go. However should you find that you are stuck between a "fuck you" and a "peaceful place" try decorating with that feeling instead of ending your relationship with that difficult creative type or lover.

Dream Roomspiration: Peacefully GF your interior! Giving yourself the middle finger!





Would you find peace within to decorate and give yourself the middle finger?

Barbie might!
Kisses, m

Sunday, December 8, 2013

Lucid Stead - The House that Phillip K Smith III Built

Barbie loves a great project! Especially when its innovation pushes the boundaries of normal to the envelope instead of relying heavily on what has already been seen and done. There's no better place to see change and challenge put to use than in your dream house! Check out this lovely contemporary piece of architecture art by Phillip K Smith III. 

Lucid Stead - The House that Phillip K Smith III Built

 "Lucid Stead is about tapping into the quiet and the pace of change of the desert.  When you slow down and align yourself with the desert, the project begins to unfold before you.  It reveals that it is about light and shadow, reflected light, projected light, and change." - Phillip K Smith III

Located in Joshua Tree, California, Lucid Stead is a light based art project by artist Phillip K Smith III.  

"Composed of mirror, LED lighting, custom built electronic equipment and Arduino programming amalgamated with a preexisting structure, this architectural intervention, at first, seems alien in context to the bleak landscape.  Upon further viewing, Lucid Stead imposes a delirious, almost spiritual experience.  Like the enveloping vista that changes hue as time passes, Lucid Stead transforms.  In daylight the 70 year old homesteader shack, that serves as the armature of the piece, reflects and refracts the surrounding terrain like a mirage or an hallucination. As the sun tucks behind the mountains, slowly shifting, geometric color fields emerge until they hover in the desolate darkness. This transformation also adapts personal perception, realigning one’s sensory priorities. A heightened awareness of solitude and the measured pace of the environment is realized." (via/Royale Projects)

Would you live in this light based art project? 

Barbie might!

Kisses, m. 

Friday, August 30, 2013

The Mural House

Barbie loves her life as a work of art so it seems only natural that she would want her house to be a work of art as well! So she can share with the works she puts it on display.

The Mural house 

A Mexico City based home design by JulioGomez Trevilla with a billboard attached to showcase art by a specific artist for a 10 day period.

Artist Shown: Cecilia Beaven

Would you live in The Mural House?

Barbie would!


Kisses, m.

Saturday, August 17, 2013

Dream Roomspiration: Art on the Wall

Barbie loves to create an environment to live in and love in. She knows one of the best ways to create a great atmosphere in your home is to fill your empty walls with some art that represents you. 

Dream Room: Art on the Wall

Do you hang on art your walls? 

Barbie does!

Kisses, m.

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

The Music 79



One Night Only

Who's your Dream Concert?


Kisses, m.

Friday, August 9, 2013

Living In The Nest? - The Nest House

Barbie's like a bird... She'll only fly away! Higher and higher with that gorgeous blonde Ken by her side. And when she lands there's no where else she'd rather be than home sweet Dreamhouse. Sometimes your Dreamhouse goes to the birds.

The Nest House

Sculpture Artist Patrick Dougherty amazes with these unique nest houses. All over the world you can find Patrick's work. While these darling nests prove to be green, they aren't quite sustainable for the long haul. But as Barbie says “love and live for now” and a lover's nest or a playhouse only needs to last long enough to make some wonderful memories.

Would you live in a Nest House? 

Barbie Would!

Kisses, m.

(Via/Patrick Dougherty)

Thursday, August 8, 2013


Sometimes I rhyme slow
Sometimes I rhyme quick
Sometimes I like to go swimming after midnight and replicate.

Sometimes I like to replicate...

Sometimes you like to duplicate. 
It's nothing like Fight Club.
And you love wasting time. 
Especially yours when you try to waste mine.

Stop wasting time playing games by punishing and lying to yourself. 

Are we having fun yet?
It's your game not mine.
It's always fun because its not fun for you.
Fun! No?
Maybe you should quit.
Because you shouldn't do anything if its not fun anymore.

It's fun for me...
for always.

How about integrate? 
You wouldn't be interested.
Ah but its not same way I'm not interested in you and its not about you... Never is.

But you want it to be... All about you.

I'm not interested. I'm not Sorry. 

Go ahead and cry. Someone somewhere will drink your tears for breakfast. Yum.

This is better.
Replicated. Duplicated. Never Collaborated.

Is it fun yet? Of course it is... For me.

Kisses, m.

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

A couple of beers and you're offended...

A couple of beers and you're offended... Or things you shouldn't say sober while playing a record.

...I'm not drinking. That's what I tell him. I mean that's what I'll say. When he asks I'll say it. Or not.

It's not really the things you'll say. It's the things you'll do. I'm definitely not drinking a beer right now.

Maybe later? Maybe not. Why not?

Because the things you say aren't what you mean and things people mean to say are the things they'll never do. You have to love passive aggression.

But I'm not drinking a beer. I'm writing.

So, I'm listening to Sean Rowe. Not drinking. Writing. It's a writer's life for me? It's a life. A wonderful life. I'm not saying what I mean, but you get the point that I'm listening to music and writing. I'm writing about art this afternoon followed by a few people that I don't really know but might have met.

One person I don't know and haven't met is Sean Rowe but I have his new album spinning. It's the loveliest thing: a record. The best part about it being a record is that it was free because I asked for it. [*Thank you AntiRecords and Epitaph] It's a novelty because the only people who still have records besides moi are my DJ friends and the hipsters that are all snatching up records & players in the fear that they may soon leave this planet. People have been saying that for 20+ years now...

I continue to own records. I just picked up a new one, Sean Rowe, for free.

And I'm still not drinking.

Back to the art that should be free. It is free. Sort of and not really. It's online to see and free. It's in a gallery but not always free. And somewhere, definitely somewhere there's a beautiful work of art on an ugly wall hiding away miserably for no one to see because it wasn't and won't be free.

Now there's a question or two: Is it still ART if no one else can see it? What's the point of "one of a kind" if no one else can see it? Seems rather meaningless. Kind of like drinking.

It's meaningless to discuss meaningless art and with my last thought the record ends.

When the record ends with a skip it reminds me of days long gone when I used to hit the wall to make the floor vibrate and reset the player. But that's a memory from a very long time ago when passing someone on the street meant you stopped and said hello. Most people don't stop and say hello... but some still do. Now there's a recent memory I'd completely forgotten that makes me smile. After I finish my passing memory with a smile I reach over to put the needle back onto the record and before Sean Rowe can start to sing I begin to remember to say...

I'm not drinking.

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Dream Roomspiration: High Heels

Barbie loves her heels! She snaps pics of them whenever she gets a chance. And it's amazing because so do her friends! So why not let a little of that shoe love translate into decorating?

Dream Roomspiration: The High Heel 

The High Heel Sofa

The High Heel Chair

The High Heel Bath Tub

The High Heel Table 

High Heel Art

Would you decorate with your Heels? 

Barbie would!


Kisses, m.