Friday, August 9, 2013

Living In The Nest? - The Nest House

Barbie's like a bird... She'll only fly away! Higher and higher with that gorgeous blonde Ken by her side. And when she lands there's no where else she'd rather be than home sweet Dreamhouse. Sometimes your Dreamhouse goes to the birds.

The Nest House

Sculpture Artist Patrick Dougherty amazes with these unique nest houses. All over the world you can find Patrick's work. While these darling nests prove to be green, they aren't quite sustainable for the long haul. But as Barbie says “love and live for now” and a lover's nest or a playhouse only needs to last long enough to make some wonderful memories.

Would you live in a Nest House? 

Barbie Would!

Kisses, m.

(Via/Patrick Dougherty)

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