Thursday, August 8, 2013


Sometimes I rhyme slow
Sometimes I rhyme quick
Sometimes I like to go swimming after midnight and replicate.

Sometimes I like to replicate...

Sometimes you like to duplicate. 
It's nothing like Fight Club.
And you love wasting time. 
Especially yours when you try to waste mine.

Stop wasting time playing games by punishing and lying to yourself. 

Are we having fun yet?
It's your game not mine.
It's always fun because its not fun for you.
Fun! No?
Maybe you should quit.
Because you shouldn't do anything if its not fun anymore.

It's fun for me...
for always.

How about integrate? 
You wouldn't be interested.
Ah but its not same way I'm not interested in you and its not about you... Never is.

But you want it to be... All about you.

I'm not interested. I'm not Sorry. 

Go ahead and cry. Someone somewhere will drink your tears for breakfast. Yum.

This is better.
Replicated. Duplicated. Never Collaborated.

Is it fun yet? Of course it is... For me.

Kisses, m.

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