Monday, May 23, 2016

The Open House by XTEN Architecture

While there is no such thing as perfect, the relationships that come close are built upon complete openness with each other to maintain symbiosis. The same can be said for dreamhouses... Open is great for striving towards perfection. 

Open House by XTEN Architecture 

The Openhouse is constructed upon an inclining property in the Hollywood Hills, prompting a house that is both integrated into the hills and open to the view of the city underneath. Creating a perfect symbiosis between the two. The 1st floor is broadened by holding dividers allowing it to gently meet the slope and allow for gardens on two levels.

The home is built to be open all sides & heights of the house remove all limits of inside and out by sliding in and out of the spaces on both levels. Glass is the key divider of the walled in area material to allow continuous perspectives to outside patios and gardens for the experience of seamless openness from inside to outside.

Would you love the perfection of this open house? 

Barbie would.
Kisses, m.

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