Wednesday, May 11, 2016


Do you see things differently than others? We all do. In Buddhism, kindness is put before all else. Kindness is amazing to share with others.

Someone told me a while back that once you decide to dislike someone everything they do upsets you and makes you responds negatively to them. Yes, it's a choice to dislike someone. And in my experience people are deliberately cruel thinking it will hurt that person... Reality is that person is oblivious to it. The only person you waste energy hurting is yourself. Perhaps if everyone realized that someone out there dislikes them too they'd try to be kinder. 

Who knows? Here's a 300 from my Hair series about seeing things anew.


Kisses, m.


“Yellow, it’s yellow.” He says pulling at my hair like it’s strings and smirking. 


“It’s not.” I tell him with a jab to his side. Dropping my hand, I step backwards away from him. I can feel my defenses go up without warning. I want to be mad at his game today but I can’t. I know he’d barely gotten used to my brownish red and I changed again.


“Oh but it is. Looks like bumblebees and school buses collided on your head.” 


“It’s blonde. It’s like lemons and sunbeams.” I smile and wonder what he’s thinking about as I antagonize him. I usually let him win but not today. I don’t want to play but there’s no way I’m letting it go. 


Last week when we brought in the new window I let go of the cord on the curtains. The action felt completely foreign. It was a moment that I wanted to hold tighter and keep it into place. My instincts were to preserve the image of what we had built all this time together but knowing in the back of my mind it needed to change. Down they went into a puddle of fabric on the floor soaking up the tiny rays of sunshine. 


“I like sunshine.” He says and runs his hands through my hair before leaning in to smell it. “There’s hints of Vanilla but not lemons.” He pauses to look me in the eye for a moment that feels like forever. 


Just one look felt like forever when we first met. I could get lost in his eyes in front of the windows. Adding the curtains to the space seemed logical while removing them brought in so much light that I can see the hints of yellow in his eyes. 


“Yellow, they’re yellow” I tell him.

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