Monday, May 30, 2016

Catch the Tree Spa by LAND Arqitectos

Barbie loves a little down time and encourages her favorite Kens & Dolls to do the same! There's nothing like retreating to a resort or spa to get much needed R&R!

Catch the Tree Spa by LAND Arqitectos 

The Catch the Tree Spa located in Las Condes, Santiago, Chile designed by LAND Arquitecos utilizes transparent glass walls to almost entirely erase the indoor-outdoor boundaries. The architects wanted to enhance the occupants relationship with nature. The implementation of skylights bring more sun inside the facility, helping to create a relaxing and enjoyful experience.

The terraced garden is an integral element in the design of the structure. It is a space that is can be easily viewed even while inside the building. By creating an “active landscape”, the architects have given the garden more purposes that that of being visually pleasing. It holds herbs such as Rosemary, Capers and Lavender that are used for the wellness of all guests visiting. 

Would you love to relax in this space? 

Barbie would and hopes you would too!
Kisses, m. 

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