Thursday, October 16, 2014

Tula House by Patkau Architects

Barbie loves remote getaways and can think of no better place to escape being pulled into the dramatics & the aftermath of a few of her favorite Kens escapades with dolls than a dreamy house out in a remote part of the beautiful world! It's not that being a G is bad, it's that these G ways are affecting this doll and scaring away her chances for romance with other guys! So a nice quiet Dreamhouse escape is exactly what this doll craves!

Tula House by Patkau Architects

This Canadian house by Patkau Architects is anchored to a rock by steel rods so that it treads lightly on the ground and cantilevers above the Pacific Ocean.

Tula House by Vancouver-based Patkau Architects  was designed as the main home for a married couple on Quadra Island, nearly six hours' drive north of Vancouver. It also doubles as informal headquarters for their organization, Tula Foundation, which supports healthcare and environmental initiatives. - Denzeen

Would you enjoy an escape to this remote Dreamhouse!

Barbie definitely would!

Kisses, m.

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