Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Big Feelings

There are always two sides of a story. And you can not change what's been done but you can go forward. Feelings realized too late or not... You keep moving. After... I wish I did but I m don't think I get a second chance to do it differently with someone. But sometimes the people you adore get another chance to make sacrifices to make their love affairs work. And sometimes stories get sacrificed for another chance. 

Yes, This is a 2nd version. Two voices. A him and a her. It's a love story now I suppose. The original was was written for no one and now revised because someone inspires me to believe that love is a more powerful weapon to create from. 

Do you believe in second chances?

Kisses, m.

Violently Happy

She loves me

He tells me he’s crazy. Tells me I make him crazy with my love. But he loves me. I know this. So much that every time he looks at me I get ecstatic with joy.

My love drives her to curl the pieces of her hair. 

His love leaves me with nineteen kisses. Followed up by a warm hand to hold in the afternoon sun. 

With my love she winds up dancing in a dizzying storm. LOVE. Love. love. Sends her so far up and away. 

Violently happy for me when I’m not near enough. Longs for my kisses. 

Beyond happy she runs towards my loving arms.  She’s an angel and I’ll move both heaven and earth, to remain with her.

Silent whispers in the morning. Lunchtime brings butterfly kisses. Brilliant embraces overtake us as we lay still in the evening. 

Running through the streets barefoot. Happy for my love. Pursuing the wondrous creature in the dark of the night is a blissful challenge

Windows and doors provide barriers from the outside world. Locks meant to keep what’s inside from crossing over. Boundaries that are set in stone for the uninvited. Do not break the glass unless there’s an emergency. There’s a chance our love is meant to enjoy this stillness. 

I know all too well of her attempted coyness as she rounds the corner. The city provides only privacy at this hour. Door after door is a protected barrier from intrusion. Prancing with her bare skin in the streets. Moonlight grazes her beautiful skin as I wrap both hands around her waist. Astonishment when she realizes the pursuit is over. 

Embraces are reminders of true affection. This is his love. Joy is love and my love is amazing. Purple and blue skies spread like track marks across the tired stars. Face and neck recall the souvenirs of his very calming loving kisses. 

Shrieks across the empty square when she feels me. Recognition sends her into a joyous frenzy. Spinning and shaking her curled hair once more. 

The warmth of his arms are a welcomed refuge from the cool air. Nothing can change my heart. Sight of him starts me slowing. He loves me, I know this. Happily I'm violent inside.

Kisses will quench my passion when she returns. She will return and love me. I can’t live without her love. Not without this violent happiness inside me.

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