Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Surf House By XTEN architecture

Barbie loves that life comes and goes in waves. In fact one of her favorite Kens is much like the tides of the sea. Coming & Going is simply what he does and she adores & respects him for always being real & true to himself. Unlike other dolls, her appreciation for Ken is like that for the ocean, Barbie just thoroughly enjoys the ebb & flow of his company. While she enjoys when she gets to see him a great deal, it's best not to try to lock down any spirit or make demands. You simply just enjoy the flow with people if you really care. A great way to enjoy the ebb and flow of the ocean is in a beautiful Dreamhouse built with the surf in mind.

The Surf House By XTEN architecture 

The Surfhouse is comprised of an abstract block of ebonized cedar. Located a near the Pacific Ocean in Hermosa Beach. The site is quite compact so the architects approached the project by subtracting the larger program areas from a solid volumetric form that conformed to the zoning regulations and sought to maximize space, light, and views. It was precisely their intent to create a sense of privacy and retreat for the home owners in a busy beachside area.

Would you enjoy the ebb & flow of where the waves take you in this Dreamhouse?

Barbie would & hopes you would too!
Kisses, m.

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