Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Screen House by Alain Carle Architecte

Barbie knows that you can't always see everything in a situation from all angles. Things in life are much like a Japanese screen you have to let what's hidden from your eye reveal itself instead of allowing what your mind tells you to be real... And sometimes things are not meant to be revealed because people prefer their privacy or there's nothing to share. Barbie defers to leaving such decisions about revealing or deciding what works to her favorite Ken. It's always best that a man chooses what they want in relationships, dreamhouses and in life. Most importantly whether a man wants to pursue any of those things is his choice. Not Barbie's. She trusts Ken to do his thing cause he knows what works for him. If you push any person toward something it means you don't trust them to know what's best for them. Barbie knows what she wants and keeps focused on living. When it comes to the other stuff well it is quite serendipitous when love, health and career things happen to work out in the progress of pursuing goals & living. Barbie loves it. If it doesn't work... Something else will. Now whether to share those things with others? Share with those you trust... And trust yourself. How about a dreamhouse that relies on the concept of a screen?

Screen House by Alain Carleton Architecte

“The constraint of this house is being located on a lakeshore pushed the architects to explore different possibilities geared toward considering perceptual alternatives. The site narrow in depth presented several setback constraints. And the resulting shape of the structure is much like a screen similar to a  “hinge” space, resulting from bending the space: it was agreed to make this the main access to the building. This place forms the residence’s only major breach, visible from the road circling the lake.” ~ Arch Daily

Would you enjoy a house shaped like a screen to provide privacy while maintaining the best decor and view?

Barbie would!

Kisses, m.

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