Thursday, September 11, 2014


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Kisses, m.


Today marks our tenth.
Ten years. 
Ten days. 
Ten hours.

For the last 10 minutes I've watched her waiting.
10 minutes each of her 10 fingers and 10 toes have twitched with matching red polish.  
10 breaths before I catch one. Up down. Up down. 
10 heaves match timelines in her face. The tension matches wisdom lines stolen from her youthful grace.

In ten minutes we're boarding a different plane at the airport to our final destination.

Ten 10 minutes again I'll ask if I can bum a smoke. 
10 minutes from now she'll say come on.  10 minutes from now they'll wrap up & let us board. 
10 days from now we'll still have each other and be married again.

10 years we were together I can remember the first smoke that we shared I can remember the first time it blew in her face she coughed but still smiled.

10 years ago when I bummed that first cigarette that we shared together.
10 years I can remember the conversation.
10 years ago I was the reason that she never got on the plane to Paris.
10 years ago she quit smoking.
But she never quit on me.

10 beautiful years filled with two beautiful children separated by two years born 10 days apart one beautiful house 10 years and they're the most amazing wonders I know.

10 hours I've sat by her in this seat on the plane. 
10 hours she held my hand.
In 10 minutes they're going to tell us its time to descend. 
I have 10 minutes to show her my love. 10 hours hiding a ring while adoring this extraordinary creature. I catch my breath when I realize I'm going to ask my wife to spend another 10 years with me. 

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