Thursday, December 14, 2017

The Best

Some of my favorite moments are best remembered... The best moments are simply lived. Sometimes not taking a photograph is the best way to remember them. 

Do you waste a moment with a picture? Or just enjoy it! 

Here’s something about moments...

Kisses, m.


Time stopped when I first saw you.
You were an unfamiliar man but I felt like I’d always known you.
As you walked towards me
I couldn’t even remember to take a breathe. And then you spoke and I was alive again.

There’s no photo to remind me of how you looked that night but I can’t ever forget,
The specialness of you.

The wrinkle in your smile.
Matched the twinkle in your eye.
The dominance in your stance.
Excitement in your voice.

You remain in a piece of my mind & heart that I hope will always be...

A moment.

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