Monday, December 18, 2017


Everyone has the potential to love. There’s already love within you. Yeah it’s always been there.  You find it, nurture it and eventually decide you’re ready to share your love with others. Some people take a while longer realizing the love within. Don’t waste time looking for love in others... find it in yourself first. Love is found on the other side of Love. Trust & Love yourself. 

Here’s a love poem from my book A Love Found.


Kisses, m.

Patient ~ Desire 




Knowing someday 
You'll find me.
These feelings grow 
In your absence. 
Longing for something
That has yet to be.

My heart
Wounded intentionally 
By imposters  
Reassured only that it
Belongs truly to you.

Comforted by thoughts
Of when you'll be here.
I make my way forward 
Trusting that you'll reach me.

My heart starts to beat
Thinking of the sight of you.
I catch my breathe. 
Thinking of your touch.
I'm alive by mere thoughts
Of you
In my mind.

In you 
I've found myself desiring
The one thing 
I'm afraid of most.

To be possessed
Tied down and

Obedient to...



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