Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Dream Roomspiration: Stand up for your space and organize!

This doll struggles with keeping her space organized but it’s well worth when the task is achieved. The rest of her life feels like it falls into place.

If you want to stand up for something and change the world start with changing your attitude & yourself. The only battle you fight with anyone is within yourself. Stand up to your own bad behavior and say no more. Clean up your messy behavior and don’t add more clutter or more BS in your life. Metaphorically vacuum up all the negativity in your life and keep it BS free like you would your dream home. Cleaning up your own act helps the rest of the world. The choice is yours. We all have that moment where you can choose to ignore someone’s bullshit and not make more messy drama for yourself. Which do you choose? Love yourself more and here’s a few dreamy ways to organize your dream spaces. 

Dream Roomspiration: Stand up for your space & organize!

Do you stand up to yourself & take back your space or make things get messy?

Barbie prefers order but a lil mess once in while means you’re having fun.

Kisses, m.

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