Wednesday, December 6, 2017


What you think is new isn’t new and profound has already been pondered. Someone has lived before and will live after you but... There’s only one of you. Every one of you. All sides & parts within you still just one. The duality of man & woman is only created because he/she chooses not to be one. When mankind is ready to work as one uniform mass then the world will change. And as the same when a person chooses to be one with all their parts then they will be strongest. Love yourself. 

Here’s a new story about blood...

Are you united or divided with yourself?
Kisses, m.

Blood Thieves


There’s not much blood involved when your heart breaks. It just breaks. Wound doesn’t require tending like other injuries. Just the same you can’t just take a man’s heart without spilling a little blood along the way. And while there’s nothing more potent with love than the blood of woman with a broken heart, you can’t go around hurting pretty girls to get it. Love is a magical thing and damn the fool that takes a woman’s love for granted because someone like me is bound to come collecting on it.


Thieves don’t bother taking hearts often. Stealing a man’s heart is tricky business as most women will attest to. However, most dames won’t tell you that they weren’t after the heart when they walked away with it. I ended up with my fair share of hearts to barter off because a dame didn’t know what to do with it once she didn’t need it anymore. 


But tonight my bounty is different. Vita Reveille had a man break her heart so bad that some say she never quite recovered. Aloicious Ridore  left her with nothing… except her blood. Now he wants her blood because the despicable cretin is in love with someone new. It’s too despicable to think of what he’ll do with her blood but I know all too well that my customers aren’t the most delicate of humans. 


Some say Vita still loves him something fierce despite all the pain and heartache he caused her by robbing her and running off with her maid. But I’m hoping to the contrary that her broken heart has healed itself so I can forfeit my bounty. The problem with working for the bad guy is that sometimes you get involved in something you shouldn’t have. It’s not fair but it’s the way it is. When you live by a honor code between thieves you don’t rightly get too many opportunities to do the right thing.


As most men will tell you, the moment you lay eyes on a woman you know you want to find a way to keep her around or get rid of her because she never leaves your mind. The night I met Vita was like that. She was nursing her heart with a glass of whiskey and I was waiting to collect the bartender’s spine. Something about Vita made me grant the bartender another day. Maybe it was the way she smiled through her tears or the way she made heartache sound like a love story. Sure enough broken heart or not, she is the kindness person I’ve ever come across. I was pretty certain I’d do everything in my power to protect her except I couldn’t double-cross my bounty.


Some men have enemies and Aloicious had plenty including one crazy enough to gamble with me. He was a greek man named Stavros Grivas and eager to raise the bounty. He’d had business with Aloicious that resulted in the loss of his right eye. Now the code tends to look the other way when a bigger bounty comes along and Stavros made it hard to resist. 


“Whichever woman loves this scoundrel more, this is the woman’s heart you will bring to him.” Stavros says through a thick accent, before having his servant fetch a large knife. “Blood is needed for this magic. And we will agree in blood.”


“Understood,” I firmly take the knife and slice into the servant before handing the blade back to Stavros, who guts the man further for the sacrifice. 

“Now that it is done, we shake. We are thieves bonded in a blood oath.”


“How long before this spell takes effect.” 


“It is done.” Stavros said wiping the blood from his hands. “Leave until I need you again, thief.” 


Almost as soon as I left his company I felt it, I felt something in my soul more powerful than I’d ever felt before. Love. And it wasn’t my love. It was love for me and it was the most invigorating sensation. It was then I knew, I had Vita’s heart as soon as she’d laid eyes on me. Her blood raced through my veins with more power than I could ever imagine. And I knew exactly what I had to do….


Aloicious Ridore looked mighty surprised to wake up to Vita standing over his bed with his paramour’s heart in her hand but she knew much as I did that there’s no honor when you come across thieves.



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