Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Free Flowing

Life’s a pretty interesting journey. You can free flow and let it happen or resist it a bit. That’s always an experience either way. One man’s freedom is another man’s prison. 

Freedom isn’t just a state of mind for some people. It’s not that easy for them. For a great many people they are shackled to rules, commitments and obligations. Additionally to tell a person suffering from mental health issues that they are as free as their mind allows is quite insensitive. Freedom definitely is a perspective and a great goal to set for those with limited viewpoint of things in life. For those seeking to be free mentally I suggest spirituality, exercise or meditation. For those already free I suggest compassionately holding space and be respectful of others still trying to find peace and try to use better words when communicating your perception.

True freedom lies in being yourself and living how you choose without any one’s permission. Love yourself.

Here’s a fun one about flowing and freedom... that came from a book of poems.
Are you free? 

Kisses, m

Free ~ Hearts

These little heartaches
Remind me I'm yours
Not entirely.

Entirely your heart beats free
Away from mine 

A freedom I too enjoy
Until this beating grows
Into aches

To join yours.


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