Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Puget Sound Cabin by Jim Olson Architects

Barbie know that all great things occur in their own time... time is interesting. Some people waste theirs then waste yours and never apologize to you or anyone for it. Remember you aren't the problem they are. Their lack of direction spills on to every thing they do, not just you. Being accountable is something that is worth the time to do, and she encourages all her favorite dolls & kens to be. 

Sometimes spending a great deal of time on a project is an investment as well. If you've ever invested time in accomplishing or focusing on anything then you will understand the devotion to focus of 55 years on a dream house project.

Puget Sound Cabin by Jim Olson Architects



"The home is in a way an ongoing conversation Olson has between architecture and nature, as its renovations in 1981, 1997, 2003 and 2014 have each built upon the remnants of what was said last. Instead of demolishing the former work, the new remodels have found ways to incorporate them; leading to a building that now stands with a wondrously timeless quality. Each layer has brought its own textures and colors, but all are tied together underneath an exposed roof structure, which is supported by glulam beams spanning between pairs of steel columns. Many of the materials move with their own motivations, such as interior fir flooring that extends to become exterior decking, as if every board in the place has a history and a story to tell. One of the most impressive rooms to come out of the decades long project is the living room, which boasts 11’ x 13’ windows to frame both the Puget Sound and help integrate the interior and exterior spaces of the home. Like Odysseus’s marital bed, the decking on the home’s exterior is built to accommodate three mature trees, allowing nature to keep on growing uninterrupted. At its heart, this cabin presents a way of thinking, honed over the career of a successful architect" -Inhabitant








Would you live a house that was 55 years in the making?
Barbie would!
Kisses, m.

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