Sunday, August 7, 2016

Bioclimatic House by Josè Luis Rodriguez Gil

Barbie realizes she finds joy with design & art. While she always looks forward to seeing new innovative ways of construction it is great to have a reminder like design to ground you to happiness. Recently this doll grew to hate the day job she once loved because it broke her down a little but found gratitude & joy for it once she changed her perspective to appreciate the new fun challenges it will offer her now. It's not what you see only how you see it. Sometime loving & living in your surroundings means finding a way to be grateful for & make the challenges work for you! Here's a perspective change on design that integrates sustainability& interacts with the environment in harmony!

Bioclimatic House by Josè Luis Rodriguez Gil 

"Bioclimatic homes apply traditional building methods that have been employed for centuries because they are common sense and they work, instead of relying only on mechanical systems.

Studying the geographic region, landscape and building site allow better decisions in making it more efficient. A bioclimatic home may also look at design in terms of biomimicry, or looking at how nature performs a certain action and then replicate it in the construction.

This type of build seeks to get the most from thermal heating and cooling for a comfortable home temperature. Using construction materials that include thermal mass will optimize the efficiency results.

Thick walls, shading, and structure and window placement to make the most of natural ventilation and sunlight are ways that increase a home’s performance.

This home located in Granadilla de Abona, Tenerife provides an example of a great balance of smart construction applications and a connection to nature. It works with the topography and uses local materials to provide the landowners with an efficient living space." ~ Blackle Mag

Would living in a bioclimatic home help change your perspective on sustainability? 

It would for Barbie!
Kisses, m.


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