Sunday, July 31, 2016

The Nukerke Barn House by SitoArchitecten

Life's often filled with recycled mementos and treasures that are forgotten. So often we overlook design and architecture for such repurposable uses when it's never stopped being handy. Why not take the concept of something such as a barn and make it useful for living?  

The Nukerke Barn House by SitoArchitecten

A home in Nukerke, Belgium adorned with black aluminum siding and wooden slats to give the building a contemporary appearance, while complementing the rural surroundings. Wrapped in a insulating shell, the barn house is designed for comfort. Natural light streams into the home through skylights while solar shading protects against unwanted heat. Outdoor living is embraced with an outdoor wrap-around patio that sits flush with the turf, as well as an outdoor balcony that extends from one side of the house.

Would you raise some fun living in a barn? 

Barbie would!
Kisses, m.

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