Tuesday, May 10, 2016


Did the butler use the gun to kill the professor in the conservatory? Ever play Clue? This doll loves thinking games, logic puzzles and old friends that refuse to go away. One of my favorites is a magician that continues to be the wisest person I've had the pleasure to play against.

Something the magician taught me... Don't Play Manipulative Games with people. Why? You'll lose, even if you win. So rumors are interesting things but they're just a game someone's playing & loses when the truth is revealed. 

Here's another excerpt from the inauthentic life/the perspectives. If you don't know about the book, it's 6 years old, unpublished, re-edited 1-2 years back and still shelved because the timing is never right. There's nothing new about it or relevant to my current life; the characters & etc were all made up a long time ago. While I love rumors... I don't write about random people & it sounds silly to make any fiction about you when it's not... Unless its historically true. Anyhoo, there's a lil ol copyright on my blog that states & reinforces such if you need to get a clue. 

Do you make things about you when they aren't? 

Kisses, m.


It's 7:15 on a rainy Thursday in this out of the way cafe somewhere called Hudson Point that's blasting Spandeau Ballet out into the cacophony of voices & smoke. The louder the crowd gets the quieter "slit-my-wrist" stereo gets. I come to life after the chorus breaks but not before the screaming. It's not until I'm coherent that I realize there's a girl standing three tables away screaming. I couldn't tell you how long she'd been there but she's not showing any signs of stopping.

"Oh that's a trigger..." Says Jemma before dropping the gun into the fish tank. Dead center in the room she's naked and standing next to a fish bowl with a goldfish while this cool cat Malcolm sneers at her but keeps taking photos. She's says he's amazing and all I want is a hit. That would be amazing. 

"Amazing," is what he says after I open the window letting in the wind & rain, pushing over the fish tank which shatters as the gun misfires killing the goldfish on the floor next to a naked screaming Jemma. But he keeps shooting. 

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