Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Black Magic House by T2.a Architects

One of Barbie's oldest most favorite humans in the universe is a magician. The magician once said that there's nothing quite like working and that dedication is the key to accomplish anything. Some people might prefer to take a cheap shot at someone, but this doll prefers to remind people of their greatness! Here's a little magic in the form of a dreamhouse! 

Black Magic House by T2.a Architects

Near Budapest, this prefab dream house is located at the edge of a forest. As its name suggests its exterior is black. The exterior coating; a black UV resistant gives the home it's color. The magic of this marvelous home is that it's basic structure was constructed in two days and completed in a week.  Demonstrating that sometimes the impossible is quite possible. 

Constructed with inexpensive materials the sustainable home boasts of gorgeous minimalistic interior heated by a wood stove & fireplace in winter.

Could you find magic in this dreamhouse?

Barbie could!
Kisses, m.

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