Wednesday, February 17, 2016


People often ask me about Buddhism and answers. Last year was like hitting the cross in the road. It was rough and hard to guide others because I had to go through my steps again to find & maintain my gratitude for life. I know that the creator and universe did not intend for me to suffer by erratic thoughts & impulses so I persevered through my journey seeking to find my balance.

My Buddhist experience is that true self love and compassion does compete or make demands for someone to change. It is not lost or mad without validation. There's no jealously, mean spiritedness or any need to belittle others because a person that loves themselves would never harm others nor would they allow anyone to harm to others for amusement. Furthermore there is no retaliation in compassion when you don't get your way. You accept another's journey no matter what, even when they are on a path far different from yours. It isn't personally about you, there are simply things in the universe that can not be any other way.

The truth that I can not teach you and you must learn on your own is that life is quite easy when you let it happen. And you must let it happen. You can only control yourself and that's the easiest thing in the world... And yes sometimes you don't need to be in control. ;)

Here's a 300 about Control from my series about hair.

Do you try to control others choices? How?

Kisses, m.

Third Reason 

“Third Reason.”

When he says it I thought there were only two. But he continues to drop the words onto the floor by the desk. The wooden one I so carefully refinished last week when he was too busy to come home on time; the time between the appointments I canceled to make time for him. The damage is done because I don’t trust him to keep his word when all he does is spill them over something that he has no right to contradict me over. 

“Fourth Reason,” he says trying to capture my eyes which have too long been focused on the desk. 

The desk he helped me pick out that windy Tuesday when the rain was absolutely breath-taking last month. A month before that, he loved the way I looked and there were no reasons to doubt my choices. Even when they disagreed with his, there were no reasons. Reasons cut through my mind trying to disassemble my logic. Sharp with the potential to harm, much like the scissors resting on the edge of the desk. The edge closest to the corner where my right hand rests. I imagine the grip of the handle nestled cooly between my fingers. 

I was left handed as a child and my mother switched my grip. At times I fumble with my right hand correcting for the dominance of the left. But not today.

It’s a brave new world before us. Before he can get out the fifth reason. I slide my left hand over to my right toward the scissors. With a determined grip I reach up and cut off a piece of my hair. His words come to a halt.  

One inch. Two inches. Three inches. Then Four. 

There are no more reasons why I shouldn’t cut my hair. 

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