Monday, September 14, 2015

Gres House in the Brazilian Rainforest by Luciano Kruk

Barbie knows there's nothing quite like the beautiful rainforest. It's wonderful to enjoy its beauty but what if you wished to bring the outside indoors? Barbie adores that she's found the rainforest incorporated into a dreamhouse! 

Gres House in the Brazilian Rainforest by Luciano Kruk

Set in the Brazilian Rainforest this dreamhome crosses the fine line of bringing the beauty of outside within the grasp of inside, while still keeping bugs & beasts on other side of the glass. The concern for environment was great so the architect sought to bring the forest in the home without destroying it. This house plan incorporates floor-to-ceiling windows on almost all the exterior walls to increase the views of the external forest. The inclusion of disproportionate rooms further emphasizes the feeling of the outside & inside being one & the same. Further pairing spectacular sights of trees with large rocks as interior ornamentation completes the ambiance. Extended wings & courtyards keep the homes living & working spaces separate. 

Would you adore living amidst the rainforest? 

Barbie would!
Kisses, m.

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