Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Dream Roomspiration: Bedroom Theaters

One of Barbie's favorite past times is going to the movies. Popcorn is optional. Anyhoo, as of late she has been hitting the theater solo because of all of her favorite Dolls and Kens have paired off into couples. Of course Barbie gets a bit lonely but she loves to see the love and wishes them well. It's great when her favorite Ken finds himself enamored with a new paramour. Barbie does her best to step out of his way when he's involved with someone new, so movie time it is... but what if you prefer to stay in? Dream a little dream of the big screen in the comfort of your bedroom. Grab a comfy spot on the bed and curl up solo or with someone and enjoy the show!

Dream Roomspiration: Bedroom Theaters

Would you enjoy a movie from the comforts of the bed? 

Barbie hopes so!
Kisses, m.

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