Wednesday, May 6, 2015

McGee House

Barbie loves re-using old materials. And it's fabulous when you can leave an eco Footprint of minimal proportions. How about re-using your car to create your home? This design firm did just that!

McGee House by Architects Karl Wanaselja and partner Cate Leger

The simple mission statement behind these architects is a goal that every project helps to shrink the ecological footprint. They've maintained this goal when creating this small house in Berkeley, CA, called the McGee House.

Consisting of 104 salvaged car roofs which cover the upper side walls of the sustainable home, the roofs were sawed out of grey cars left for parts in local junk yards while lower walls are clad in poplar bark, a waste product from the furniture industry of North Carolina. All awnings were fabricated from junked Dodge Caravan side windows. ~ San Jose Green Home

Would you live in this Eco-friendly home?

Barbie Would! 


Kisses, m.

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