Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Let's Get Coffee Sometime?

Want to get coffee sometime? It's the simplest of things to say. Ok ladies, cause I couldn't leave you hanging! I know it's not Sex & The City insider trading dating info on men but a little suggest that I've used in the past... Coffee! 

It is a very great no pressure way to be friendly with anyone. Great convo starter or a way to just hang with a friend or family member. It was bequeathed to moi from a guy friend a long time ago. I told you I'd make an epic ass of myself throwing myself at a man. So I just don't. But I know a few great guys who look out for me sometimes & toss me some great pointers. 

Although I'm awkward at times... I do know how to be friendly. I'm betting all of you do too! Sexual innuendos are not flirting. Talking about conquests with other people is off putting. But... Offering someone coffee is a very cool ass ice breaker to be friends or even more. This doll wants you all to be happy! Good Luck & Godspeed! 

Here's a newer 300 about coffee! 

Kisses, m.



I could’ve stayed in drinking coffee.

But I didn’t. 

We could’ve met somewhere else.

But we didn’t. 


My mind spinning and filling my present

With too many thoughts 

Of the unknown.

Waiting for a moment.

Looking a diversion.

It’s unknown if it will arrive


My eyes search for a place to calm myself.

Armed with a book and a cup of blackness for company.

While the words weave and the plot thickens, I sip.

Warm coffee to comfort my heart. 

Tears that only fall long enough to wipe away

When I dream of memories too long passed.


Until I catch a glimpse of familiar.

A smile less than three feet away is before me

In the absence of my attention. 

Cream colored coffee 

That is nothing but the opposite of the blackness of mine.

A look that lasts longer than it should. 

I wish it were for me. 
When he looks away quick

I know it’s not. 


I wish I knew his habits yet I don’t.

Flick of the wrist. 

The moonlight between the trees shifts.

Slowly the fire burns white into red.

Smoke escapes his mouth.

Runs down to the floor. 


Like the smoke 

Common words drop from our mouths

Fall to the floor

Walk the room and return.

Coming and going.

Far enough. 

Few enough. 

Hardly any distance inbetween. 


Between our drinks there’s everything. 

No comfort in silence. 

Silence that seems to dance in the background

As the unspoken words linger 

On the tips of our tongues ready to be spoken.

A dance that only moves between speakers.


Strangers keeping company

Cold among the emptiness of the space.

Invisible arms wrap me up. 

Warmth and company. 

I couldn’t have asked for more. 

A feeling of belonging that is lost the moment

I leave him and walk out the door.





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