Saturday, February 21, 2015

House Boat by X Architects

Barbie loves the water and the idea of it is so dreamy. In fact some find the water so dreamy they want to live there and where else to stay but on a houseboat that's luxurious! 

House Boat by X Architects

“Architects closely collaborated with Leen Vandaele, interior decorator architect and design consultant from Squisito, to create a houseboat that in¬ventively combines the nautical lifestyle of relaxation and enjoyment with crisp architectural tectonics.

The fundamental structure of the floating home is created from two catamaran beams (for stability), stainless  and . The layout of the structure, which is 20 meters by 6.7 meters, includes an upper deck containing a concealed kitchen, living room and an informal dining area. The Lower deck houses the bedrooms, bathroom and steering cabin. It also features a terrace, with spiral staircase access, that can be used as a sun deck. The interior is a blend of soft white tones, with contemporary furniture and chic bathroom fittings adding to the modern yet cozy ambiance. The architectural lighting makes this boat house more striking in the evening while it glides smoothly along the lucid waters of Mina Seyahi.” ~ arch daily

If you have to live on a boat then you deserve to live in the best!

Kisses, m.

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