Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Happy Haus by Donovan Hill

Barbie loves to be happy! So much more than being sad. Although missing Ken and her friends can make for blue moods when she works too much, Barbie always can find the flexibility to turn things around. And never fear when great design is here... to stay! And it's Happily Flexible! 

Happy Haus by Donovan Hill

Queensland based architecture practice Donovan Hill, a Queensland based architecture firm has designed a series of prefabricated housing modules for Happy Haus.

The DHAN series, consists of sustainable modules that include a fully fitted bathroom, kitchen, bedroom and living space. Additionally they include expansion modules for bedrooms or living spaces. The series has over ten different style of module homes to choose from, with multiple configurations these can be tailored to fit any lifestyle giving the homeowners complete flexibility in design. 

(ie: my design fix)

Does this dream house make you a little happy?

It makes Barbie happy!
Kisses, m.

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