Wednesday, January 14, 2015


My mom tells me I don't smile enough in pictures. I tell her I'm smiling on the inside before I tell her I smile when I see my favorite people. So I smiled at her and she laughed.

I find a joke and smile can sometimes break the ice... Or not? It's been a bit chilly lately.

Which I will say, the last few weeks have demonstrated the most extraordinary kindness in humanity and the utmost unknindess in humanity. But the unkindness didn't take my joy or smile. The questions arised from this statement are filling your brain right now because you expect me to complain and praise people. Ah, you cannot change people. Once you accept that, you are happier and can find the happiness in everything.

I will say again as I often do... I can give you the Buddhist answers but you must find them to be true for yourself. You see, we treat people as we view them treating us. Sometimes it's a meanness because we feel spurned by them. Sometimes it's nothing at all. In Buddhism it is encouraged that we treat everyone kindly. Even when they are unkind. This may not be easy. But if you realize that everyone has a struggle they are enduring whether they tell you about it or not, their actions seem clearer. A wrong can't be righted with another wrong. It only makes things worse. 

I am reminded of a Buddhist story... 

“There was an ugly, hideous, smelly, and gross looking monster that went to see an emperor at his palace. When the monster walked in, the guards saw the monster and knew he didn’t belong there, so the guards screamed at the monster, calling him names and threatening the monster. And for every rude thing the guards said, the monster grew one inch bigger, uglier, and smellier. The guards then pulled out their swords, waving and striking it towards the monster and still yelling at the monster, and with every strike and word, the monster grew one inch bigger, uglier, and smellier. The monster got so big, it took up half the size of the courtyard. Then the emperor walks in and sees the monster. The emperor opens his arms and yelled, “Welcome!” And the monster grew one inch smaller, less uglier and smellier. The emperor offered the monster water and food, and the monster grew smaller, less uglier and smellier. And with every kind word, gesture, and action, smaller, less uglier and smellier the monster got. The monster got so small, that one more kind word it would disappear, and it did.”

I find when I extend kindness and perhaps a smile for the difficult situations & people I find resistance with, I find the circumstances less monstrous. Finding compassion within ourselves helps us extend kindness to others. And I really do enjoy seeing people happy instead of sad. 

Here's a 300 about the happiness in a memory that came from the last ebook. Sometimes happy is found in our devotion to our family, friends and children. Look for it. It's there. Smile. Being happy helps me to be focused on enjoying life instead of unkindness. But do what works for you! 

Kisses, m.


Happiness is my heart. In a small moment I’m alone in a crowded room. Surrounded by the love and happiness of the souls around me. The warmth that fills my soul expands and contracts with my thoughts. The essence of the trees shifts with the wind. 

Slowly the switch of the light changes the mood of crowd. A man flicks his cigarette and I’m lost in the sea. I can smell this morning in the puff of smoke that carries across the sea of faces. I can see his face in the dusk cascading off the white wall. His eyes smile. I wish this moment was the present. But it’s not. It’s a memory where I know he’s sitting across from me. I’m happy thinking of him. But I know I need to return to the present.

Presents are spilling out her bag as she walks up. I love the way she wears her hair in a bandana. The instant I see her messy curls spilling out and bouncing in the wind. I think of the hints of color in his hair, her black highlighted curls and I’m spinning backwards into his smile.  I’m involved in this self-centered thought where he’s watching me quietly. But he’s not here. 

Here the warmth of the day surrounding me like a lover’s absent hug and I’m imagining the touch that matches his smile. Returning from my thoughts I watch a couple across the room giggling coo’s of tenderness. 

Tenderness in their touch sends me aching into a memory anticipating what could come. I’m struggling for the present moment when all I can think of is the future and the past in my mind’s eye. When I stop to breathe I think of the electricity in those eyes.

Damn those electric eyes. 

I’m happy.

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