Saturday, January 10, 2015

F Villa by Hornung Jacobi

Barbie knows that sometimes people can be fun and fantastic or frustrating and flaky...  Although she is disappointed in the latter behavior, she moves on and realizes it's not her place to reward, interfere in or go out of her way to put up with bad manners. And recommends you don't either! What will she go out of her way for? She prefers a dream house that makes her say F--- that's fantastic & fun!

F Villa by Hornung Jacobi

The site of the holiday home in Rhodes/Greece yet possess characteristics and outstanding qualities, which only attempted to frame with the design.

The site is located three meters above a coastal road, which is bordered by a natural stonewall that has been equally continued for the proposal. On the one hand the continuation of the found wall generates a high level of privacy, while on the other hand it relates to the given situation, which was preserved as much as possible. 

The holiday home was designed for a couple. They wished a separate area for guests, which is mostly embedded in the given topography by integrating the shady tree population and without generating an equally visible volume.

Would this villa make you say F---?

Barbie would!
Kisses, m.

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