Tuesday, November 18, 2014

The Flip House by Fourgeron Architecture

Barbie adores her favorite Ken and thinks the world of him, yet there's one tricky wrench in the mix. This doll has been taking things personally and avoiding him. And it seems Ken has taken her matters personally as well. It's all around hard because this doll fights hard to stay out of personal details unless people share directly or invite her into their lives. Taking things personal is simply a misunderstanding that can be flipped into something positive. And you can always flip things positively! Especially in a dreamy Dreamhouse!

So perhaps it's time to flip how to see things? Flip a Dreamhouse? 

The Flip House by Fourgeron Architecture

A complete flip of the home’s façade and interior spaces that reinvents its typology and captures all advantages of its natural and urban site. Like many San Francisco homes, this one poorly integrated its many levels with each other and with its sloping topography and solar orientation. Reversing its reading, architects recast the back of the house as its primary façade with a faceted, custom-built glass wall. Divided into three vertical panels that push in and out, this dynamic prism brings animating light and spectacular views to the communal living spaces, now placed at the rear. Bedrooms were flipped to the front.

The circulation has been rationalized , replacing disconnected staircases with one rear stair that smoothly links all three levels and the garden below. The street-level entry now leads to a generous foyer that is open to this staircase and to a guest room/den. The open plan of the second floor allows the kitchen and living room space to look down into this den and outward to the striking city, Bay, and garden vistas beyond.” - urban design

Would you flip your way of seeing things for this Dreamhouse?

This doll hopes so!
Kisses, m.

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