Wednesday, November 19, 2014

G house by Paz Gersch Architects

Barbie respects the flow of her favorite Ken cause he's a G and a favorite among the ladies. While she always continues to support his life she maintains that his love of and the ladies remain separate from her mix. It's not personal just a G thing and Barbie respects your G ways! So here's a house built for a G!

G House by Paz Gersch Architects

The program was planned for a family with three children. In planning G House, the main design concept was preserving the existing garden. The garden contains of a typical Mediterranean fauna with a small orchard.

© Amit Giron

In the proposed plan, the balcony evolved into a connecting space between the existing and the new. The public spaces in the floor plan layout (Kitchen, Living Room and Dining Room) are arranged parallel to the balcony. These spaces open to the exterior through the balcony, both in views, as well as in orientation. - Via (arch daily)

Would you live in the G House?

Barbie would.
Kisses, m

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