Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Hungry Heart

Can you hunger for someone in their absence? Sure why not... I long to see people when there's a smell or song or thing that reminds me of them. But I also do know that with friendships & loves and in love & hate... you can only hope that the other person feels the same too. 

So why don't I say when they are written? Old loves arrogantly think they're written for are them, New loves are scared it's for them and people who don't know me thinks it's about someone I don't know. I prefer people didn't speculate. I simply wrote a lot once and I still do occasionally. It sometimes fills the night when I cant sleep, draw or photograph. 

And I'm simply in a place I think it would be best to ask your paramours permission before exposing them to the world. 

Here's a story 300.

Do you hunger for people in their absence?

Kisses, m.

Hungry Heart

Too long when you're away from my arms in bed.”

This is what Senya Mandras tells her beau before he exits the scene.
Cedric always leaves a quarter to three in the morning. It could be an excuse or non committal action but it's not. She's lucky it's love and he's someone who chose to stay.

A quarter of an hour later reminds her it's been three months since they began at the stroke of 3. 

Night walks are simply unheard of in a small town but nights in large cities draw out bodies like moths to light. 
It was a quiet summer night as she walked home. The spraying hydrant waters ran down the gutters drain and he was chasing stars when they met. As she caught his eye Senya knew that there was no looking back.

It was a minute of recognition. A hunger came over her heart. Looking at this man, she had never seen before left her heart hungry for more.
Chaos of people and screaming children playing in the hot night fell silent as the stars crashed in bringing them together. 

Eyes on fire and hungry to touch Senya moved towards this unfamiliar feeling. Not able to say no and unsure what it meant she leaped forward to see what it intended. 

Attached to the craving was passionate man who hunted stars and the sky's mysteries. Planets and moons that were far away but surrounded by burning light. Senya knew there was nothing else that could satisfy her hungry heart.

Nightly as she watches him leave the bed where they hold each other safe, she knows he longs to touch the sky & his desire for greatness comforts her in his absence...

For her hungry heart burns brighter than the rising sun.

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