Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Hawk House by Alex Wyndham

Ms M or Barbie? Ah... It's a story but Barbie is a lovely nickname and often I resent it but it works best with Dreamhouses... So time to go with it! You can decide where to hide away who you are or you can simply embrace it with a sustainably chic retreat that does all the hiding for you...

Hawk House by Alex Wyndham

Nestled next to a redwood canyon and overlooking a panoramic view of the ocean, the hawk house is a minimalist retreat cabana furnished only with a bed, a chair and a desk. The roof is planted with native wildflowers and the siding is made from reclaimed redwood bark. Three glass doors fold to one side, opening the front of the building to the panoramic ocean view. Walls become wings as the sides open to increase ventilation and views. You can watch whales swim by while lying in bed.

Heating/Cooling: The hawk house is heated by the sun and cooled by the prevailing breeze. Double pane windows and five inches of soil on the roof moderate the indoor temperature.

Would you enjoy this tiny cabin by the beach?

Barbie would!
Kisses, m.

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