Monday, November 3, 2014

House in Byoubugaura by Takeshi Hosaka Architects

Ms. M officially prefers to be herself instead of Barbie. With all the chaos of pretending people she simply wants to be herself and misses architecture & design tremendously. While numerous stories are completed & ready to share its best to focus on design. Yes lately every day has completed a new story or photograph. The D women aren't anything new since they've been around since July, but they will come soon. 

Let's attempt to focus on going with the flow and being mindful of others privacy. It's a thing to be modest in this internet age. Again Ms. M defers to her favorite guys to decide what they choose to share or invite others to know about their lives. She is the same. With that in mind.... Here's a lovely house that is built with flow and privacy in mind.

House in Byoubugaura by Takeshi Hosaka Architects

Designed by the firm Takeshi Hosaka Architects in Yokohama. This home is characterized by extending, curved floors paired with complementary materials: polished concrete, timber, steel and glass. Utilizing the small space the house is built vertically. The area in which it is located has rolling hills, which are mirrored in its curved flooring. The lie ceilings allow the three-story house to give the appearance of a two-story building. Amidst the levels a unique spiral staircase connects them. 

Would you enjoy the slope & flow of this private home? 

Ms. M would!
Kisses, m.

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