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The Dalai Lama admits to being human and capable of outrage, anger and thoughts unbecoming to what we consider buddhist. It is our mental capacity in life that sets us apart from the neanderthals. If a human refrains from releasing his or her emotions something is wrong with them. So yes, I've stated this before... I get worked up, I have feelings, I fall in love and lust, feel anger and I dislike awkward situations. But I look to the larger view of things before really settling on an opinion. 

Something Ms. M dislikes... Is being used. I will lie when being lied to. I'm human with a terrible sense of humor and I knee jerk react sometimes. To get to the point, I'm always more than appropriately friendly and extend courtesy to all the people I know but... Using someone as the bait to hook anyone is never ok. Why? No need to use anyone. You are the bait Dolls and Kens. You are capable of getting the right person on your own without resorting to any kind of antics, games or trickery. 

So... Get a hold of your insecurities. Please leave this lady out of any schemes. Because I can see a setup a mile away... I'll never give a true answer to stories or manipulations. In fact I usually spin a fun story of my own. I'm a writer, dolls! Terrible sense of humor. ;) Kisses!

Look, you should be talking to the guy or girl your are interested in instead of looking to me or trying to manipulate & pump me for info. If someone isn't calling or texting you back... Leave them the heck alone! They have something else going on and if you aren't respecting people's privacy it doesn't look in your favor! 

Try to have a life that is full and busy with the things you love to do. Take time to enjoy it all. Keep going without this person. It's more attractive. Be supportive if you want to but don't expect anything back. Trust me! I've chased off my share of men as a naive young woman. Not lying here. Ms. M isn't anyone's enemy... Well I wasn't until some foolishness & an interesting story. The jury is out now. Time will reveal the universe's plan.

Games are over. We aren't friends if you want to continue with them. It's cool. I understand if that's your choice. People have tried to use me in the past. You're forgiven. No worries. I trust you can move forward from your mistake. Why? Buddhist flaw: Compassion. I look to the bigger scope of things. An instance is not who you are always. 

We wouldn't accuse the world of being entirely bad because of terrorism in some regions. A few bad emotions and fear doesn't make anyone a bad person. You can offer more authentic friendship if you want to. You see, we can change anything in life including any situation until we die. You can't change people. Don't continue thinking you can. This is not the way. Use your mind not your reaction to situations. Be intelligent young men & women. You're responsible for caring for yourself. No one else. Take responsibility for putting yourself in all positions in life. Painful and hurtful ones too. Learn from the experience.

Remember that I just don't care for any sort of antics. Be yourself with me and we'll get on just fine. I like differences and similarities that come naturally. And I've done nothing to warrant manipulation except continually extend pleasantries & niceties to everyone. Sometimes against my better judgement & instincts I continue to trust.  Cause I like everyone. Furthermore, I adore that you are such amazing, beautiful women (& men) with enormous spirits when you remain true to yourselves. It is a rare pleasure to see and visit with you all, occasionally. Please realize you can always control yourself but you cannot control others. 

For me buddhism is a choice with responsibilities and challenges help me grow into a more compassionate person. I only wish that people would simply approach me when they wish to know something or need something. I'll never respond nicely to manipulations. I am human. Flawed. Imperfect.

For the love stuff... although I can't take sides & won't interfere, I'm not heartless. I don't know why people drop off. It's happened to me too! I didn't wait around for an answer cause I only harass people when it's work & deadlines. Even then I forget too. True friends always come back without having to bother. Lovers should be true friends. So it's just what it is. 

A hint: Honestly I find that being yourself and living your life is the best bait with love or dating stuff. It's the most attractive thing when you are true and confident. It works better than schemes. Desperation is very unnecessary. You had a life before love came along and you should still have a life during and after. Don't be too hard on yourself. Sometimes it fails with one person but there's always others. In the last year I've also had to admit to myself that it doesn't work out for a reason and the painful loss of love too, quite a few times. It's ok because it is meant to work out with someone else. Trust that. It's not a risk. Love yourself. Meet new people, make friends, find things to focus on and look forward to. 

Here's an older story about waiting & baiting a sadist... It has both a woman and man's perspective and unless you're a masochist don't mess around with sadists. They enjoy making people hurt. HUSH!

Kisses, m.

Your Move Darling

Sitting. Mind is coming to consciousness slowly. I’m tied up. Gagged. Harnessed to an old metal chair. The frame is thick steel that holds firm to the ropes securing my place. My eyes conveniently gain focus and I look up at the warden of my rope prison. Handsome, deadly, maniacal and damn if those eyes don’t pierce me to the core. Blood red lips full of anger, long black hair combed back, and the face of an angel, a dirty angel. He was probably the deadliest man in the city. Surrounded by a pair of armed thugs, and staring back at me. “It’s your move darling…”

There she was just walking toward me, cigarette smoke inches before her face clouding the view, dark hair and dark eyes. With my free hand wrapped around a pistol, I aim straight for her head. Without escape she has no choice but to accommodate my whim.

What could he possibly want with me? Information. We had come to an arrangement over the years that enable me to provide the detailed intricacies of my employer. Today, he broke the rules. The madman paces before me with his revolver in one hand and his other behind his back. Silently he issues a hand command to his men, and they are dismissed. Continuing his current stride he removes his jacket. His white dress shirt is stained red and the collar is ripped. Black tie is undone, and from the looks of it, his belt is gone too. The beat of his step echoes in the empty warehouse. The large empty cavern is illuminated by the light of day that spills in through a million holes. My skin has been bare too long and the ropes are beginning to cut in. “Look, we can’t spend all day here love, so until you make your move….”

Almost a shame to have to use such brutality on a beautiful creature, but there’s no choice. Stubborn, unforgiving woman without conscious deserves so much better than this, but I need answers. Until she gives in there is nothing that can stop this. The gun seems less of threat and more of a tactical flaunt. It’s time to move onto other forms of punishment…
I swallow hard as he walks behind me and leans in with a whisper, “I’m not enjoying this but you are being completely unreasonable.” Grabs me by the hair and down swings his arm across the side of my face. The sting reminds me of the reality of the situation as I can not react. Hold back the tears. Slowly he makes his way around me and moves toward a metal table. He sets the gun down and reaches for a long black snake-like cable. Slowly he makes his way back toward me unwinding the cord. Stopping before me he gently lifts up my face to his and asks, “Are you ready to make that move?” I whimper and shake my head knowing that the punishment will only continue until I break.

The harsh screams that she releases, break against the gag with a hypnotic and inviting melody. The violence that breaks this silence is a symphony to my ears. Harder I crack the electrical wire on her bare white skin, the louder her screams rupture into the void. The rush of her pain is completely intoxicating and I can not help myself I want more. As the blood spills across her white skin my heart beats faster. Her black camisole is nearly in pieces and I’m only starting to warm up to this abuse…

Holding back the tears, I take the lashings, until I can only manage to release the excruciating moans of anguish. Despite all sting, I’m certain not to give in. Hold strong and look him in the eye, to make it clear that ‘You Aren’t Winning.’ As the lashings have taken what’s left of my clothing, there’s a gleam in his eyes. Through my pain I can visibly see his sadistic pleasure in this. An excitement that is all too horrifying. He always was a sick bastard, twisted right down to the core. Finally he’s gotten the upper hand and my incapacitation lets his filthy mind run wild with the cruelest inventions. Enough! As the cord breaks with a final smashing blow to my bare back, he waits and moves onto the next device. Shiny, metallic, piercing metal blade that sends instant chills of pleasure down my spine. He didn’t mention anything about knives…

Cutting into her white delicate flesh that’s been bruised and battered is simply elegant to my eyes. Beautiful and Barbaric. Her screams of pain are almost beginning to mimic the sounds of pleasure. We’re in a battle of the mind, that’s certain to erupt at any moment. The likelihood of her surrender is quite slim. No matter. Unimportant. My mind is set. How far can I push this without giving in? I’ve no intention of stopping. Time to improvise.

“Don’t stop,” are my thoughts as his blade releases its final sting across my beaten body and he walks away. My attempts to make eye contact are useless as he’s all about this business of breaking me. Fool doesn’t realize that he’s already broken me, and now all I can think about is how to make him continue. At his table I can see the madman pause; resting both arms on the table he sighs and shows great strain. My busted mouth wants freedom from this gag, to beg for more. All my efforts to speak clearly are subdued. “I want more. I want more!” Wait. Stop. He’s listening. Lifting his head and pushing the hair out of his face, he turns toward me. Both eyes lock onto mine…

So you’re ready to make your move then?”

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