Saturday, November 1, 2014

Feeling Electric

Well, I once knew a guy that could send electric shocks up and down my arms just from standing near me. How I craved it! I wanted it to continue and stop at the same time. Let's say he was the hardest person I've ever walked away from in my life. But we both knew the timing was off. There's nothing quite like the feeling of electricity though. Sometimes you meet someone who with just a look can fill your heart with unimaginable pleasure... 

Anyhoo, who knows what will become of these extra pieces that I'm getting around to sharing. I don't know that they will be more than that right now... 

Ever meet someone who looked at you or touched you and you felt electricity?

Kisses, m. 


Electric Feeling.
A hint of connection.
A touch that lasts too long.
Embrace that makes my skin race with
Static shocks
They climb my arm when he lingers too long
Near my body. 
A rush climbs up my spine when he looks my way
And I want him to move closer.
Because close enough is too far away

When he’s away too long
I’m missing his face
But those eyes are all I can focus my mind on.
In the dark when anticipation is all I have.
Those eyes are all I can see.
They are like music and sound
They keep my mind and heart

Electric those eyes as he looks into mine.
Sweet smile and brilliant bolts of color
Welcomed intruders in my psyche
Fill my brain with pleasure and torment.
Synapses and
The sheer excitement of knowing
How electrifying it is to look into them.
But I don’t turn away because he never stops looking into mine.

Less than a foot away
Standing before me…
The peace to my chaos
The quiet to my din.
Intoxicating to my senses
When he’s almost touching my skin
Waking me up with a jolt.

A feeling that never goes away
Until he steps away.
Steps too far away.
This is what he does.
Teases until
The feeling disappears.
Dragged away by the current.

Craving his warmth
My heart stops anticipating
The feeling of him.

When I’m unprepared
He moves in.
Momentum shocks me
Back to life.
Electrocutes my heart
Forces it to beat.

It’s electrifying when he returns.
It’s like watching the currents of an ocean
Pushing aside waves
Sunsets and seacliffs
Those eyes are calm
Amidst a sea of turmoil.
They part the world
Moving toward mine.
My body trembles, consumed by this feeling.
Of him

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