Saturday, September 20, 2014

The Adaptable House by Henning Larsen Architects + GXN

Barbie finds that being adaptable connects people. In fact she's often insisted her favorite Dolls & Ken go with the flow. So a dream house capable of change might be highly coveted for its adaptability...

The Adaptable House by Henning Larsen Architects + GXN

The Adaptable House is part of a large development project: The MiniCO2 Houses. The project involves a total of six detached houses, each of which illustrates various aspects of reducing CO2 emissions in the construction, use and maintenance of a house.

The house is designed as a 146-m² single-family detached home and focuses on the changing needs and requirements of the Danish family as it moves through the various stages of home life. Couples move in together and have children. Children grow up and become teenagers. Children move away from home. The need arises for a home-based office. Couples divorce. A partner dies, the survivor lives alone – perhaps experiencing poor health, etc.

The Adaptable House has been designed and laid out in advance to be able to handle these changing needs as they arise.” - arch daily

Would you covet this highly adaptable dream house?

Barbie would!
Kisses, m.

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